Google Messages reactions about to expand in choices

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Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority


  • Google Messages reactions are converting.
  • The beta model of the app is permitting positive customers to select any Emoji as a response, no longer simply the present seven.
  • This variation will most probably roll out to the general public within the coming weeks.

When you’re a Google Messages person, you most probably love that you’ll be able to react to precise RCS messages the use of an Emoji. It’s so much more straightforward and more effective to append 😍 to somebody’s message than it’s to jot down out a real reaction.

The issue, although, is that Google Messages reactions are these days restricted to simply seven alternatives: 👍,😍,😂,😲,😢,😠, and👎. Whilst the ones are all just right alternatives, they don’t observe to all scenarios. What if you wish to reply with an Emoji that indicates “I don’t know”? Or possibly person who indicates “that makes me hungry”? There’s not anything in the ones seven alternatives that will paintings.

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Fortunately, it looks as if Google is on the brink of rectify this. As noticed by means of 9to5Google, positive beta customers of the Messages app are seeing a brand new set of alternatives at the flyout bar that looks while you long-press an RCS message. The brand new menu swaps out the 👎 and replaces it with a brand new icon that brings up the overall Emoji picker. This is able to can help you react to a message with any of the loads of to be had Emojis — no longer simply seven.

We’d be expecting this to develop into a regular a part of Messages within the coming weeks. Then again, we’ll want to look forward to Google to officially announce those Google Messages reactions earlier than we will be able to say anything else for positive.

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