Guide: How To Pass WASSCE Biology Practical


Biology practical is one of the most technical practicals in wassce. However, it is simple to make an excellent result if you know and follow the rules.

Practical biology is based on the following:

1. Identification

2. Comparison 

3. Drawing and labeling 


Identification in isolation means to identify something, in biology it simply means the specific name of the specimen given to you. In identifying specimen, it is wrong for you to write the general name of the specimen given to you. Example, you don’t write maize when a maize fruit is given to you. You must write the exact name of what is given to you, like the fruit, stem, leaf, corm etc.



You cannot talk about comparison without having two or more things to compare. comparison is based on the physical features that you are able to see at that particular time. These features include, texture, colour, shape, and size. It is very wrong for you to write the features that you are not seeing or their habitats. You have to write what you are seeing. 

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Drawing and labeling

This is the part that fails most candidates. This is because candidates don’t know the rules guiding this section. Drawing are strictly marked. Any mistake in this section are penalized without sympathy. But candidates can pass this section with an excellent score if they do the following.

1- Avoid drawing the image you saw on textbook. Sometimes when candidates have heard what what will be used for practical, they will go and cram the drawing of the specimen from textbook not knowing that what you are seeing as specimen and what you saw on textbook is different. You know that most drawing on the text book are drawn from the microscope. You are expected to draw what you are seeing at the particular time. 

2. Use horizontal straight lines for all labeling and ensure that the line touch the exact position and name. The naming should either be all in capital letters or in small letters, it should not be mixed. 

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3. Ensure that your spellings are correctly spelt. Candidates are penalized for wrong spelling.

4. Avoid the use of guilded Lines or instruments for drawing.

5. Ensure you draw with sharp pencil.

6. Use double thin line or one thick line for any cut section.

7. Avoid any form of shading and make your drawing near.

8. Your drawing must be proportional and according to the length given to you by the examiner. 

9. All your drawing must have a title. 

10. Write the magnification of your drawing. Magnification is the ratio of the length your drawing to that of the length of the specimen. Mathematically; length of drawing/length of specimen.

11. Above all things, involve God.

I believe with this steps you can make an excellent result in practical biology.