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Guide: How to Pay your University of Ghana (UG) Fees through MoMo and Visa/Master Cards

Paying University of Ghana fees has become simpler as students can now make payments via mobile money or Visa or Master cards. Students can now avoid the long queues at the bank and pay their residential or academic fees from the comfort of their home. Through these ten steps, the University has made it easy for its students to make payments.

  1. Log on to
  2. Type in your student identification number (ID) and pin
  3. Select ‘Make Payment’in the top left corner of the page
  4. Choose the type of fees you’re paying i.e academic or residential
  5. Check if your details in the boxes are correct and proceed to type the amount.
  6. Click on ‘Make Payment’
  7. On the new popped up page, select the medium you want to make the payment through. i.e GT Bank account, Mobile Money, or Visa/Mastercard
  8. If you’re using mobile money, choose wallet network and follow the steps to create a voucher
  9. Enter voucher code, click pay, wait for confirmation, and print your receipts later.
  10. With Visa/Master card, click on the option, then proceed and then pay.
Notice: The minimum amount to be paid in percentage terms before a student can have access to register for the 2020-2021 academic year is as follows:
Academic Registration
  • 50% before registration for Semester/Modular 1
  • 30% before registration for Semester/Modular 2
  • Final 20% before the examination for Semester/Modular 2
Residential Registration
  • 100% of the Semester/Modular fees

(view the bank details for student fee payments)

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