GUSA Games 2020: No document policy supports payment of bonuses – Dr. Bello 

Director of the University of Ghana Sports Directorate, Dr Bella Bello has said that there is no policy document that supports the payments of bonuses to Ghana Universities Sports Association (GUSA) winners.

In an exclusive interview with Univers Sports, he disclosed that the only bonuses paid are the pledges and promises made by the Vice Chancellors to the athletes.

He stressed that apart from GUSA 2020, there is no outstanding winning bonus that needs to be paid to athletes, however, they worked with senior management to approve bonuses for the winners of GUSA 2020.

“…we don’t pay any bonus for all competitions, the only bonus paid are normally bonuses where the Vice Chancellors themselves come and make their pledge and a promise. As a policy, there is no winning bonus but when we are doing for GUSA, we do invite the senior management to speak to people and most often the vice chancellors do promise and pledge winning bonus for GUSA games. Apart from GUSA 2020 hosted in January, there is no winning bonus that is outstanding. However for GUSA we work with the senior management and then they approve then we give them winning bonus. Invariably there isn’t any winning bonus which is outstanding for any GUSA competition be it mini or main GUSA except this particular one…” he said.

Dr Bello added that when information is needed, all athletes must make sure they contact the necessary personnel.

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“…the best thing to do is to contact the assistant registrar or the director or the head coach, even your coach. Who did they contact and what exactly did they tell them? maybe those people are level 100 students; any student athlete who has ever been to mini or main GUSA knows that winning bonuses are not paid in March. The African university championship we went to was even paid 8 months ago. The mail is so slow and we are doing our best…”

He further disclosed the complex nature of the system when finances are been released.

“…we know the bureaucracy here, you start and then it takes a long time for the processes to go through. It’s not like there is a policy where you just send it has to go through several channels and we know the system itself is not the fastest…”

Story by: Chris Prince Morti

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