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Hades is a great game based on a great gameplay loop. One of the biggest factors affecting gameplay is the weapon you choose to play with. Only one weapon, the Stygian Blade, is available at the start, but you can unlock up to five more using resources collected as you run.

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Different weapons have different play styles that pair with different status effects, each one affecting your gameplay in a different way. You must not use the Eternal Spear in the same way you would use the Bow to search for the Heart etc. However, some weapons are clearly better than others and deserve to be highlighted.

6 Adamant Rail: Exagryph

With it being the final unlockable weapon, you might expect the Adamant Rail to be something special, but it’s not. While it offers quite unique gameplay, its damage output is nothing to write home about. It’s mostly just a gimmick and a way to get more of the cute and sweet Titan Blood in the early game.

Adamant Rail is an automatic weapon that can also fire a grenade as a special attack. If you click on the attack button, it will be activated in manual mode. The biggest problem with Adamant Rail is how slow it is to deal damage. While some upgrades, such as some aspects and upgrades from Daedelus’ hammer, can mitigate the problem somewhat, it’s not worth it. It’s a good weapon to pick up and try out a few times, but it’s not something most people from Tartarus would part with.

5 Stygian cipher: Stygius

Stygian Blade Aspect screen

Stygius is the default weapon used by Zagreus. It’s a well-balanced sword with a short range and decent damage output. The special ability is an area-of-effect attack that causes a fatal blow. Stygius is a good weapon. It is a viable option for long-term use.

However, the main caveat holding this gun back is its range. Unless you happen to stumble across a Piercing Wave upgrade from Daedelus’ hammer, you won’t be able to mitigate the problem. You need to be very mechanically skilled and aware of your surroundings at all times, even more so with other weapons, in order to use Stygius to its full potential. Unlocking the sides of the blade can help you increase your damage output in various ways, but the skill ceiling for this weapon is still high.

4 Sagittarius Search for Heart: Coronacht

Sagittarius side screen Find the heart

The Heart Quest bow is the second weapon most people unlock. Only one Chthonic key is required to access it. The Coronacht was previously used by Hera, which is a departure from the other weapons in the game. Similar to the Adamant rail, this crossbow is also a long-range weapon. However, it differs in its rate of fire and the mechanisms behind it.

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Since the Coronacht needs a short time to finish dealing the most damage, it’s not the best option at your disposal. It takes a lot of getting used to if you want to use it properly. Unlike a sword or spear, the Coronacht becomes a viable option once Chiron’s side is unlocked. Some of Daedelus’s upgrades can make him a great weapon, too. Unfortunately, in its most basic form, Coronacht doesn’t live up to expectations. But when upgraded properly, it can help you dominate your rides.

3 Eternal Spear: Varata

Immortal Spear Dimensions Screen

Costing 4 Chthonic Keys to unlock, Eternal Spear is well worth the price. It’s easy to use, easy to get used to, and has some of the best damage-handling abilities in the game. The basic attack is a mid-range thrust that does high damage. This attack can be charged to cast an AoE attack around Zagreus as well. The special ability fires the spear and then summons it again.

Varatha is definitely one of the best weapons in the game. It feels great, runs well, and has great stats. And most of all, it’s fun to use. The sides of this weapon are not very large. They only offer a few damage factors, and Guan Yu’s subtle side, is a gimmick that feels useless other than its very specific power-ups. However, the primary weapon is good enough that everything young buffoons need to perform at the highest level.

2 Chaos Shield: Aegis

Chaos shield display

The weapon of Zeus and Athena, the Aegis is an incredibly beginner-friendly weapon. The basic attack is short and fast, but has a very short range. It can block incoming attacks (from the front only) when the primary attack is charged. The Special Edition lets you throw the shield to get some ranged abilities that round out this weapon’s arsenal.

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The biggest reason to use Aegis is the Bull Rush attack. It allows you to ignore any damage coming from the front, charge up a relatively high-damage attack, and get some peace of mind in the high-octane environments of Tartarus. The biggest drawback, which isn’t particularly big, is that you can’t use the weapon after you throw it into your own. However, the delay is not too great, and if it really bothers you, you can equip Zeus’ side to remove the problem completely. Her hidden side, the Beowulf side, reworks the weapon and increases her damage output significantly.

1 Malfon’s twin fists: Malfon

Double grip of Malphon side screen

With an extremely short range and fast attack speed to match, the Twin Fists of Malphon are the ultimate late game weapon in the game. They let you in and out of enemy attacks, dealing huge chunks of damage as you do so. The base attack performs a series of 5 consecutive hits and then starts over. Special strikes twice to get a good amount of damage.

When used with certain aspects equipped, Malphon becomes a force to be reckoned with. This weapon does the most damage in the least amount of time.

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