Headmaster of Peki Senior High School ‘Bribes’ Auditor With Students Food Items

An auditor with student Food Items that could feed about 200 students from Peki Senior High School in the Volta district of South Dayi for about a week was reportedly bribed by the headmaster of Peki Senior High School.

Two gallons of oil each (25 litres) and the bags of rice, corn bags, cartons of milk, packs of brown tomato, tomato paste and even branded exercise books, among others, are all items estimated to cost thousands of Ghana cedis.

On Friday, 10 January 2020, the food was loaded onto the school’s pick-up truck, for the house of the auditor in Ho, and Deputy Regional Minister of the Volta Region, Rev. Johnson Avuletey, took over the Volta Regional Capital.

The Deputy Volta Regional Minister explains that the move is part of calculated efforts to sabotage the Free Senior High School Program in order to explain the details in dailyguidenetwork.

In fact, it is reported that reports from many schools that school authorities, bursaries and families, among other senior staff, are involved in the redistribution of food and other supplies to provide students with personal benefits.

He informed the auditors that he had a tip-off at Peki High School (PESCO), at around midday of a fateful Friday.

The heads of school however loaded a pickup truck full of food items to one of the auditors ‘ house for some reason.

He did not know if the auditors discovered something in the story in the school, but asked why if everything was in order, the School would make such a gesture available for the auditor.

Once the tip-off was collected, he put several informants and police on the route, and he traced the pick-up truck in Sokode Lokoe close to Ho and pursued it until it reached the final destination.

After the things have been offloaded, the police have reloaded them when they got to the house and sent them to the Regional Police Department.

The Deputy Minister indicated that numerous diversion allegations had been filed and so some informants were prepared to track on-the-ground operations and assess statements.

He told the police to get to the bottom of the issue and make sure that all guilty persons were brought to book to serve as a significant deterrence to others, not only in the area but throughout the world. He called on the authorities to make a number of reports and to ensure that all the culprits are brought up as such.

The Police who confirmed the Deputy Minister’s report noted that further details will be provided after investigations have been carried out.

Pictures of the pick-up truck and food items and Jonsson Avuletey, the Deputy Volta Regional Minister.

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