Heavy Police Presence At National Collation Centre Of The Electoral Commission Ahead Of Declaration

There is a heavy police presence at the National Collation Centre of this year’s presidential and parliamentary elections inside the national office of the Electoral Commission

Armoured police cars are on full display on the streets leading to the Electoral Commissions’ offices as the commission continues its work in putting together results from yesterday’s votes.

In related news, the incumbent New Patriotic Party has maintained that after collation of votes by the EC they will have the most seats in parliament as against what the NDC is putting in public.

This is the statement made by the General Secretary of the National Patriotic Party,  Mr John Boadu

“The NPP won 63 seats above what the NDC had in 2016 as such it is surprising that the NDC is insisting on flipped seats. But they do not mention the many seats they have flopped,”

The party in power, NPP and the main opposition political party, NDC have both come out with press conferences to rebut each party’s statements on the general elections.

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