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Patricia Schroeder, a congressman from Colorado and a Democratic presidential candidate who had lived in Central Florida for a long time, died on March 13, 2023. she was 82 years old.

Schroeder was a well-known politician. For 24 years, she was the representative for the Denver area in Congress. After she stopped running for office in 2008, she moved to Celebration and got involved in the Central Florida community. Schroeder cared a lot about helping young Democrats and giving tips to local leaders.

Democratic operative and congressional candidate Susannah Randolph paid tribute to Schroeder’s memory by calling her a “beacon” and talking about how she inspired her in the 1980s. People who knew Schroeder will remember how she changed politics and how hard she worked to help the people. Let’s delve deeper into Patricia Schroeder’s life to better understand her background, experiences, and what’s the cause of her death?

Patricia Schroeder: Early Life

Patricia Schroeder
Patricia Schroeder: Image Source – nytimes.com

Patricia Nell Scott was born in Portland, Oregon, on July 30, 1940. She later went by the name Pat Schroeder. She got her pilot’s license when she was 15. In 1958, Pat Schroeder got his high school diploma from Theodore Roosevelt High School. Later, she went to the University of Minnesota and studied history.

Pat Schroeder: Children

Pat married Jim Schroeder, a classmate from Harvard Law School, in 1962, and they moved to Denver, Colorado, to work at a law company. They had two kids, Scott William in 1966 and Jamie Christine in 1972. (1970). Both of her kids got jobs that had nothing to do with politics. From 1964 to 1966, Pat Schroeder worked for the National Labor Relations Board.

Patricia Schroeder: A Life in Politics

Pat Schroeder was the first woman from Colorado to be elected to the US House of Representatives. She was known for her liberal views on social aid, women’s rights, and spending on the military, which she spoke out about. In 1973, Pat was elected to the House of Representatives, where she stayed for 12 years.

Patricia Schroeder: Books

In her lifetime, Pat Schroeder published two books and multiple written materials. She described her career, life, and the 1972 election victory in ’24 Years of House Work and the Place Is Still a Mess. In her book ‘Champion of the Great American Family,’ Pat Schroeder combines family and politics and recounts her struggles to penetrate the guy gulag of Congress. She has also co-authored the book ‘Champion of the Great American Family. In addition to childcare, birth control, abortion, parental leave, health care, and housing, she was candid with the readers about her family needs and other issues. Pat Schroeder also wrote ‘Running for Our Lives: Electoral Politics’ for the 2003 anthology Sisterhood Is Forever: The Women’s Anthology for a New Millennium.

Patricia Schroeder’s Cause of Death

According to Patricia Schroeder’s former press secretary, Andrea Camp, Schroeder recently suffered a stroke and passed away at a hospital in Celebration, Florida. The Exact cause of her death has not yet been disclosed.

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