Accra Girls Senior High School Wins [email protected] Quiz

As a part of the Centenary Celebrations of the International Labor Organization (ILO) the ILO sub region in Ghana has sorted out test competition for five senior secondary schools in Accra, where Accra Girls Senior High School rose as the champs.

The Celebrations is on the subject ” the future of work”

The bosses tied down 33 points to beat four other senior High Schools (JHS) that took part in the challenge.

They got plaques, ILO Souvenirs, Diaries, Pens and Jerseys as their prize.

Accra High school pulled 28 points for the subsequent position, while Kinbu senior high, St. Thomas Aquinas Senior High and Holy Trinity Senior High got 21 points ,10 points and 6 each, for the third, fourth and fifth positions individually.

The contestants were tested on the ILO from its beginning in 1919, its strategic, vision and center command, and on the Organization’s work in Ghana since it participated in 1957.

Samuel Onoma Asiedu, National Project Coordinator, ILO Ghana Project Office stated, the test competition was one of the exercises of the centennial festivals which began early this year.

As indicated by his, the topic “future of work”, went for the youngsters, in this way the test was sorted out to presented them to what’s in store for them.

He stated, ” the world is changing as far as work and numerous individuals have no clue what the world is changing; so this is to teach and sharpen the adolescent to live upto current circumstance in the realm of work”, he said.

Including that, there were no paradigm, rather the schools were chosen dependent on record of effectively taking an interest in occasions.

Addressing enthusiasm of laborers in the nation, he stated, there have been arrangement of progress because of crafted by different associations in the nation contrasted with certain years prior.

“Up until this point, the enthusiasm of the laborers by the TUC and the rest, in the event that you think about Ghana today and a few years back, things are showing signs of improvement yet at the same time government and partners need to meet up to consistently exchange things planned for molding the future in a superior manner”, he said.

He encouraged, people in the casual division to associations in Ghana with the goal that their advantages and plummet work can be accomplished.


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