History: St.Peter’s Senior High School (PERSCO)

St. Peter’s Senior High School, located at Nkwatia – Kwahu in the Eastern Region of Ghana was founded in February 1957 for the education of boys by the Divine Word Missionaries, a Catholic Religious Organization of Priests and Brothers. The school was named after St. Peter Claver (1581 – 1654), a Spanish Jesuit Priest who worked most of his life among the poor negro slaves of Colombia.

Date Established :   1957
 Motto:   Dignitati Hominum
 Slogan:   Perscoba
 Nickname:   Persco
 Anthem:   Youth of St. Peters 
 Location:  Nkwatia – Kwahu

School Anthem

Youth of St. Peter’s
Our standard is raised
From East, North, West and South
True dignity of our human race
The school’s maxim the school’s motto must resound

Dignitati Hominum (2x)
True, to dignity
Of man, in all the world

Clad all of us
God with armour of truth
Gird us with love for our neighbouring men
Still us with virtue that governs our path
Cloth our hands with the honour of men

The initiative came from an Accra based citizen of Nkwatia called Opanyin Onwona Farkye who led a delegation to the local priest at Kwahu Tafo (Rev. Fr. Cletus Hodapp, SVD) to propose the idea of the church establishing a school at Nkwatia. Rev. Fr. Hodapp in turn discussed the proposal with the Rt. Rev. Joseph O. Bowers, the Bishop of Accra.

Therefore on 7th January 1957, Bishop Bowers met with the Nkwatiahene and his elders and both agreed to start St. Peter’s Senior High School. The Chief and his people donated a large tract of land and also agreed to offer communal labour for the building of the school.

St. Peter’s began its life of character and academic training on 5th February 1957 with 36 founding students and 2 teachers in private premises of the late Opanyin Onwona Farkye. The courses offered were the Arts and Sciences. Rev. Fr. Clement Hotze, SVD of blessed memory, an American, who was the first Headmaster of the school, taught the Arts subjects while Mr. Agyare taught the Sciences subjects.

The first lay (non-priest or religious) Headmaster was Mr. Herbert Agbezuge. In September 1960, St. Peter’s was officially approved by the Ministry of Education. From this humble beginning, St. Peter’s Senior High School had developed and acquired an enviable reputation in the country as a First Class institution in the country.

The present Headmaster who is also the third layperson to head the school is Mr. Mathias Kudiabor. Because of the large size of the school, he is being assisted by two Assistant Headmasters namely, Rev. Fr. Daniel K. Lenwah, SVD, and Mr. Hipolyte Adekemah as Assistant Headmasters Administration and Academic respectively. The current teaching staff is 76 comprising 11 females and 65 males. The non-teaching staff is 60.

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