How Many Senior High Schools (SHS) Does Ghana Have?

Each year the Ghana Education Service releases what is called the school’s register, which contains some vital information to help among other things, B.E.C.E candidates in their selection of senior high schools of choice.

The register contains all categories of SHS both public and private, their locations, courses offered, accommodation status, and whether it is a mixed or single-sex school. The focus of this article is to give the number of senior high schools currently in Ghana as officially recognized by the Ghana Education Service.

There are a total of 1008 Senior High Schools in Ghana as per the schools register for 2019. Wow! Is that not so interesting and impressive?

Below is the breakdown of this number:

  • 645 are public or government SHS,
  • 317 are private SHS and
  • 47 being public technical and vocational senior high schools.

It is also impressive to note that the government’s building of community day senior high schools have contributed significantly to the increase of the number, which also assures that more students get access and enjoy the free SHS as well.

By Prosper Sosu |

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