How to answer the top 3 most difficult interview questions

Interviews can make you quiver if you don’t believe in yourself.

There are certain questions that are usually asked by interviewers which can be difficult to answer.

Here are three tough interview questions and how to answer them.

  1. Where do you see yourself in three to five years?

This question seems baffling. It sounds like an easy question but that’s not the case. The worst answer you can provide is “I have no idea at all.”

The person interviewing you will think you have no plans for your future.

Try as much as possible to provide a sensible and convincing answer. Don’t leave it unanswered but state some of the things you wish to achieve in your career.

  1. Why should I hire you?

This can also be a confusing question.

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Dr Thomas J. Denham, a career counsellor at Careers in Transition LLC in Colonie, New York states that before going for that interview, go through your CV and note the things that make you stand out.

“Go back to your resume and look through it for the three to five things that make you outstanding,” he says.

These qualities should accent your abilities, like “I’m a hard worker” or “I get things done.” You have to demonstrate a track record of results.

“The notion is that past performance is always the best predictor of future performance,” Denham says.

  1. What is your biggest weakness?

Many job seekers fail to answer this question accordingly. Don’t state your weakness that will make the interviewer think you are not competent enough or fit for the job.

The question seeks to test your self-awareness and your ability to work on your weaknesses.

When you mention a weakness, ensure you give an example of how you are working on fixing it.