How to remove the background from a photo in iOS 16


iOS 16 has introduced many new features, but one really useful feature has to do with photo editing. Usually, when you have to remove backgrounds from photos, you need an editing tool like Photoshop, Gimp, or an online removal tool. But iOS now has a built-in tool to remove the background from a photo. It’s not perfect by any means (yet), but it looks very promising. Here’s how it works.

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To remove the background from a photo in iOS 16, long-press your finger on the photo’s subject. When the outer edges of the subject start swirling, tap the Copy button that pops up. If you now go into another app, and tap Paste, the photo’s subject will be put there, minus the background.

So this is not strictly a Photoshop or Gimp replacement. But for quick snaps that you want to share in a text message (for example), it’s a really handy feature.

First, go to the photo in the Photos app and long-press on the subject of the photo. When it starts to shimmer around the edges, a small menu will appear. Tap Copy.

ios16 remove background

Mark O’Neill / Android Authority

ios16 paste into imessage

Mark O’Neill / Android Authority

The photo’s subject will now appear, minus the background. It is now ready to be sent.

ios16 paste image imessage without background

Mark O’Neill / Android Authority

If the iPhone background is dark, you likely won’t notice any imperfections. But if you make the background white, you’ll notice a grey border around parts of the picture. So it doesn’t do a 100% perfect job, but it’s close enough.

ios16 pasted image

Mark O’Neill / Android Authority


In the Camera settings, you can select between HEIC and JPG. But if you do screenshots, they are saved as PNG. To save screenshots as JPG, tap the thumbnail at the bottom-left when the screenshot is made. Then tap Save to Photos. That puts it in the Photos app as a JPG file.


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