Hurray! Double-Track System To End Very Soon


The Vice President, Dr.Mahamadu Bawumia, has contrasted the Double Track System to the First and Second Church Service, which gives Church members as many as possible equal access to listening to the Word of God.

The Double Track System according to him is a stop-over in the sense of the Free Senior High School Policy that gives priority to 69 per cent of students who would have been normally refused access to education

“In the first three years of this program, there has been a 69% rise over enrolment in Ghana for Free SHS Education, which is a very high level of growth, and many of these girls, had it not been for Free SHS Education, would have been at home and we would have had to deal with the problem later in the life of these children.

“So, let’s bring in the innovation, let’s all go, and that’s the Double Track. It’s like when you have a church and the church membership rises too high, now all of them can’t go to church for one service, so you say Okay! I’m going to do the first service some of you are coming, the second service some of you are going to do, and that’s the Double-track system.

Nevertheless, the Vice President hastened to note that the government is increasing the facilities in all of the country’s senior high schools and will eventually put an end to the Double-track system.

“In fact, we’re building the school infrastructure and in a couple of years the Double Track System will be history, but it’s important that we start this now because of this 69 per cent if we hadn’t started and brought the Double Track system, many would have been home but whose child should stay home and whose child should go to school.

In a not too distant future, we’re going to build a large enough church where everyone is coming and we’re going to have the first service, but in the meantime, you can’t say that some people should not hear the word of Christ. We want everyone to hear the word of God much as we want everyone to go to church.

Dr.Bawumia said this when thinking about the Odwira Festival on Saturday, January 4, 2020, at a durbar of Akuapem-Abiriw Chiefs and People.

The implementation of the Double Track System was criticized by the Opposition Party and the Civil Society Organizations group, which accused the Government of rushing to enforce the program for populist purposes instead of first improving the infrastructure.

The argument, however, put forward by the Vice President to contradict this assertion is that former President John Agyekum Kufuor launched the National Health Insurance Scheme without first extending health services, but the scheme is now the backbone of free access to Healthcare by the citizenry in the Country.

He retains Free SHS policies that are so important for this country’s future because the education of its citizens is the key to any nation’s growth.

“If you have an educated population, the evidence shows from economic history that countries that educated their people have risen to the growth ladder and that’s why Nana Akufo Addo has been very successful in bringing Free SHS education”

He states, “We have to implement the dual-track system to address these transient changes, even though we have not addressed all of the problems, we have to live with them.”

The head of Akuapem-Abiriw, Nana Kwame Henaku I, has praised and given the Okere district status as a stimulus for the region’s development for the implementation of the Free SHS policies.

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