I feel sidelined in the Music Industry because of my Condition – Ogidi Brown

Ghanaian musician Ogidi Brown says he feels sidelined in the music industry because of his condition as a person living with disability
According to Ogidi Brown who doubles as Chief Executive Officer of OGB Music, he was not getting the needed support from some stakeholders despite unleashing some good songs over the past years and also helping others to pursue their dreams by supporting their music.

In an interview with the
GNA Entertainment which was monitored by shstrendz.com Ogidi Brown, who is known to have brought sensational musicians Fameye to the limelight, bemoaned how his career had stalled despite his determination to make an impact in the music circles.

“Some industry players do always want to exploit me thus demanding huge sums of money to promote my songs and I think this solely because of my condition and also there is a perception about me being very rich so everybody wants to milk me before they support me,” he said.

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He said “in other jurisdictions, people in similar conditions are encouraged to pursue their dreams and they become very successful which motivates others in similar conditions”.

He urged the media to support his music because it would inspire people and serve as a motivation for others to pursue their dreams regardless of their challenges in life.

“Sometimes l feel like giving up on music to focus on other businesses but with little support from industry players, l feel l can make it and sell Ghana music to the world,” he added.
Ogidi Brown is currently promoting his latest single “Future Turns”, a song that talks about his life as a musician.