If you rely on weed to make music, you are not talented enough – M.O.G Beatz – shstrendz.com

Ghanaian music producer, John Kwesi Dosunmu-Mensah better known as M.O.G Beatz has thrown shade at an unknown music artiste over the obsessive smoking of Marijuana by that artiste.

He took to his X (formerly Twitter) handle to express his frustration at an unidentified artiste, stating that an artiste who depended on weed to be productive was not “talented” enough.

He accused the artiste of holding up a recording session for up to five hours due to the unavailability of weed.

He thus advised the artiste to quit the habit, citing the fact that American rapper, Snoop Dog recently announced that he was quitting the use of the substance.

“How can you hold up a session for almost 5 hours cos there’s no weed? How? At least do something boss … Snoop Dogg seff stop dey smoke weed, you can do it too boss… If you rely on weed to make music, you are not talented,” he posted.


Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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