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Is Frank Vascellaro Sick – Frank Vascellaro, American journalist, is 60 years old now, and it looks as if people are looking for Is Frank Vascellaro Sick. Read this article to know if Frank Vasilaro is a sik and get all the information about Frank Vasilaro.

Is Frank Vasellaro sick? Frank Vasellaro is a well-known American journalist and television host. He is believed to have co-hosted the 5pm, 6pm and 10pm info on WCCO Television.

Frank’s number is not always sick. We have not determined any stats of him contracting the disease in 2022. Due to his amazing abilities in the field, Frank received a Regional Emmy Award for Outstanding Anchor for the years 2011 and 2012. He is known to have served as a Master of Ceremony for several philanthropic activities. Is Frank Vasellaro sick? Where is Frank Vasellaro this week? Scroll down and get the solutions.

Where is Frank Vasellaro this week? Frank Vassilaro continues his adventure at WCCO Television as an information anchor now. Frank is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and serves the Twin Cities television market.

Since Frank’s career is now firmly established in Minneapolis, he resides with his family in-state. He has earned unwavering visitors in Minnesota as of today.

Where is Frank Vassilaro today? Frank Vasellaro is now married to Amelia Santaniello, who is also his co-anchor on WCCO TV. The pair work together on screen.

Frank Vasellaro married Amelia in Florence, Italy in 1999. The two reside in Minneapolis with their three children. They have a son, Sam, twins Joseph and Francesca, and dogs. Scroll down and get more information about Frank Vascellaro.

How old is Frank Vassilaro? Frank Vasellaro is 60 years old, according to the bio. He was born in 1962 in Denver, Colorado, USA.

Frank Vasellaro grew up in Denver and attended the United States Air Force Academy. He later transferred to the University of Colorado at Boulder. He then studied broadcasting at Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois.

The Society of Professional Journalists named Frank Vassilaro its award-winning broadcaster for investigative reporting in 2008. He was the recipient of the 2011 award as well as the 2012 Regional Emmy Award for Outstanding Broadcaster. Frank and Amelia are wary of the network and regularly act as celebs at some foolproof charity event in the Twin Cities.

Where was Frank Vaskelaro? Frank Vasellaro married Amelia in Florence, Italy in 1999. The couple lives in Minneapolis with their three children.

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