Is Kwite Gay? Here Is What We Know About His Sexuality!

In recent times, Kwite has become a popular figure on social media, with his humorous and witty commentary videos attracting a huge following. However, with fame comes scrutiny and rumors, including questions about his sexual orientation. Many of his fans have been curious to know if Kwite is gay or not. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the rumors and speculation about his sexuality and seeking to uncover the truth about Kwite’s sexual orientation.

Kwit Early Life

Tyler Gadner Wirkz, born on March 30, 2000, is a prominent American YouTuber. He rose to fame with his comedy and commentary videos, which he uploads on his YouTube channel under the name “Kwite.” Over time, he has amassed a large following of fans, and his channel boasts an impressive number of subscribers and views.

Some of Kwite’s most popular videos include “Why You Can’t Win Against a Content Cop” and “The Creepiest Guys on Reddit – r/creepypms Top Posts | Ft.” Besides YouTube, he is also active on other social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, where he enjoys a significant following.

Kwite co-hosts a podcast called “Loud Mouths” with fellow YouTubers FPS DIESEL and WildSpartanz, and occasionally invites other content creators to join them. He maintains an air of mystery around himself, often sporting a green hoodie, sunglasses, and a surgical mask while out in public.

Is Kwite Gay?

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Kwite is openly bisexual; he is not gay, dispelling any rumors or speculation about his sexual orientation. He has even made claims that he is dating Springtrap, a character from the video game Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Kwite has shown support for his fans by giving away free merchandise and sponsoring fan art competitions, with some of the contests specifically focused on KwiteTrap fan art. Some fans have taken it a step further, creating Mpreg (Male Pregnancy) fan art featuring Kwite and Springtrap as the “Father.”

Who Is SpringTrap?

Springtrap is a well-known character from the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise and serves as the primary antagonist in Five Nights at Freddy’s 3. He takes on the withered form of Spring Bonnie, and is one of the various personas of William Afton, the game series’ primary antagonist.

SpringTrap: Image Source –

During the events of Fazbear Frights, Springtrap is trapped inside a fire that destroys the establishment. Despite this, he manages to survive and wanders the Earth, attempting to repair his damaged parts. William Afton later transforms into Scraptrap, his next iteration.

In Five Nights at Freddy’s AR, Springtrap has various skins, including Curse, which was recently released on March 5th during the Ancient Equinox event. Curse is a unique teal-colored Springtrap, resembling an ancient Aztec warrior with a large feathered crown and golden chest plate. He has orange-colored hands with sharp black claws, and in one of them he carries a large golden shield.

Closer Look Into Kwite’s Personal Life!

Chey, Slazo’s ex-girlfriend, posted a TwitLonger on June 10, 2019, saying he had abused and used her sexually. Chey’s post was popular because people agreed with her and wanted Slazo to end. Kwite was one of them.

The video Slazo published on June 27 exposes Chey’s lied and misrepresented context, exposing most of her assertions. Slazo is forgiven by many people, but Kwite said he needed to think about it more before coming to a conclusion. This post got mixed reactions.

Kwite was part of a group trying to get Slazo kicked off the internet after the apology. These people included Chey, ImAllexx, Weest, Squizzy, KingAni, and others. Chey and Squizzy talked on Discord about posting a different version.

One of the leaks got out. Many people, including Kwite, took action against these creators after what they did to Slazo. Kwite apologized on July 29 on Twitlonger for the angry and rash comments he made in the group.

His final thoughts on the drama aren’t clear, but he still supports Chey and Slazo. Most of Kwite’s fans let him off the hook and liked his mature attitude.

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