Is Megyn Kelly Gay? Gender, Sexuality And Past Relationships

Popular host Megyn Kelly is in the spotlight as people are making speculations about her as gay. Is Megyn Kelly Gay, or is it just a rumor? Find out the truth.

Born on November 18, 1970, Megyn Kelly is a renowned Journalist and TV host in the United States.

She is famous for making important contributions to broadcast news.

Kelly first came into the limelight when she started working as a news anchor on the Fox News Channel.

Additionally, her views have been praised and criticized because she is known for being honest and not afraid to talk about any topic.

People love the outspoken nature of Megyn, but her latest statement about the LGBTQ community has caused a lot of controversy and rumors.

Because of these rumors, netizens are even assuming Megyn Kelly is gay.

Is Megyn Kelly Gay? Gender & Sexuality Revealed!

Megyn Kelly has been happily married to American novelist Douglas Brunt since 2008.

Their relationship started fairly ordinary, with the couple meeting on a blind date in 2006.

Megyn picture with her husband suggests she is not gay.
The popular host Kelly is married to Douglas Brunt. (Source: Instagram )

Megyn has admitted that the trait she found most attractive about Douglas at the time was his sincere personality.

Moreover, the couple is known for keeping their personal lives private, but Kelly has been open about their relationship.

In her book Settle for More, she talks about her husband Brunt and how he helped her through some of the hardest times in her work.

Not only that, but she also calls Brunt ‘The Love Of My Life’.

Kelly with her child
Kelly shared the picture with her child on Mother’s Day. ( Source: Instagram )

The couple has three kids: a boy named Edward Yates and two girls named Yardley Evans and Thatcher Bray.

Clearly, Megyn Kelly is not gay, and the rumors about her are just false accusations.

She is straight, and looking back at her past relationships, she has never dated a woman.

There’s also no way she wouldn’t disclose it to the public if she is gay because, being a journalist, Megyn has always been open about her opinions.

Thus, netizens should not believe in the false rumors about her being gay.

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Megyn Kelly’s Past Relationships

Before marrying Douglas Brunt, Megyn was married to a physician, Dr. Danial Kendall, whom she wed in 2001.

Megyn ended her relationship with her ex-husband in 2006, shortly before she met Douglas.

Kelly and Douglas are on a dinner date during a vacation. (Source: Instagram)

There’s been speculation that Kelly’s decision to end her first marriage was due to her ex-husband being unfaithful.

But, there is no solid evidence to prove this was ever the case.

She has managed to keep her life private, so not much is found about her past relationships and dating history.

Nevertheless, she was never reported dating a woman. Also, she has never mentioned anything about it.

Even looking at her dating history, there is no proof that she is gay.

Until and unless Megyn herself mentions her being gay, people should not trust the controversy.

Further, the news so far says Megyn Kelly is straight.

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