Is Omarosa Going Home? House Of Villains Spoilers Winner Leaks

With entertaining episodes, House Of Villains is one of the most popular TV series as viewers cannot wait for the spoilers, including the recent winner and survivors.

House of Villains is an American reality competition series premiered in E! on October 12, 2023.

The series features ten reality television’s most memorable villains competing for $200,000 cash.

Further, the contestants compete in challenges, and the show eliminates them one by one until it crowns a winner.

Likewise, House of Villians features stars like Bobby Lytes, Johnny Bananas, Omarosa Newman, Tanisha Thomas, and Jonny Fairplay.

As the intensity rises with new eliminations, many wonder about the weekly winner of House of Villains through spoilers.

The Ultimate Villain Showdown: House Of Villains Episode 6 Recap

Before delving into the winner and spoilers, let’s look at episode 6 of House of Villains.

The episode began with Tanisha fired up as she was on the hit list of Omarosa last week.

Further, Tanisha argued that she was a mother who gave up everything to come on the show.

Meanwhile, Bobby seizes up to Tanisha’s sadness and tells her to cry as the mother wants to win for her son.

Corinne from House of Villains spoilers
Corinne was put on the hit list by Omarosa. (Source: Instagram)

Later, the villains regroup for a waffles and mimosas brunch outing, where Tanisha argues with Omarosa.

Moreover, the Bad Girls Club 2 actress claimed the show would be boring without her.

Additionally, the hit list ready themselves for their redemption challenge, which takes place inside a nightclub.

However, as the twist unfolds, the location is filled with rats, snakes, and scorpions.

For the challenge, the villains had to enter the pitch-black chamber and hunt through the boxes for tokens.

Likewise, as the task proceeded, Corinne, Tanisha, and Shake performed as others watched them on the screen.

House of Villains in latest spoilers
The villains turned regular brunch into a battleground. (Source: Instagram)

Soon, a knockout occurs for Corinne, and Tanisha self-eliminates, painting a target on her back.

As the elimination round inches close, Corinne starts her plea to the group, making many explode with laughter.

However, when votes are counted, the third villain to be banished from the house turns out to be Corinne.

Similarly, Omarosa remained the supervillain of the week in the recent episode.

Now, with seven villains remaining on House Of Villains, many look for spoilers as they want their favorites to be the winner of the house.

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Is Omarosa Going Home?! House Of Villains Spoilers Winner, Leaks Reddit

With Corinne out of the show, the target will shift to the remaining contestants of the house.

After nominating Johnny Bananas’ closest allies in the show for elimination, Omarosa caused quite a stir.

Further, she hoped to knock out one of her primary targets by naming Corinne as a pawn.

But as the contestants and their alliances are unpredictable, Omarosa could be the next in line.

However, we cannot state the truth about whether Omarosa will be the one going home in the next episode.

Spoilers say Omarosa has won many challenges in House of Villains and might be the winner, but nothing is sure.

Moreover, the Trump administration alum has played excellently in the series.

Likewise, producers saved her entrance to the show for last, knowing about her reputation.

House of Villains winner for this week, Omarosa
Omarosa has played with immense effort this season. (Source: Instagram)

Upon entering the villain’s house, Omarosa began playing her part without regard for restraint.

In addition, she is the only one who sees the show for what it is and is the star of the reality series.

Now, the new episode of House of Villains titled Pride Cometh Before the Fall will air on November 23, 2023.

As per the leaks, the episode will show how Jonny Fairplay gets the entire house on board with his new strategy.

Further, viewers will be shocked as the following hit list promises an exciting episode.

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