Is the Plot of “A Simple Favor” Based on True Happenings?

If you have already watched “A Simple Favor” then you may notice that this film provides a real-world feel that’s why it is not a surprising thing about the ongoing speculation and spreading of rumors about the film’s narrative, whether A Simple Favor is based on a true story.

It has been praised for its suspenseful screenplay and compelling plot twists. It has received positive reviews and ratings from critics as it garnered an 84% critics’ score on Rotten Tomatoes and 6.8 out of 10 on IMDB. Additionally, it was a commercial hit as it is grossing a worldwide total of $97 million, on a budget of only $20 million.

“A Simple Favor” film has concluded many dark secrets of Emily’s life. It was released on Prime Video. Individuals are wondering about the realistic plot of the film due to its surging popularity to a large extent. Let’s find out whether it might be based on real events or not.


Directed by Paul Feig
Screenplay by Jessica Sharzer
Based on A Simple Favor
by Darcey Bell
Produced by
  • Paul Feig
  • Jessie Henderson
  • Anna Kendrick
  • Blake Lively
  • Henry Golding
  • Andrew Rannells
  • Linda Cardellini
  • Rupert Friend
  • Jean Smart
Cinematography John Schwartzman
Edited by Brent White
Music by Theodore Shapiro


  • Feigco Entertainment
  • Hercules Bron Creative Partnership
Distributed by Lionsgate

Release date

Running time

117 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $20 million
Box office $97.6 million

What is a Simple Favor Film All About?

A Simple Favor is a captivating and most anticipated 2018 American crime comedy thriller film. It is directed by Paul Feig. Jessica Sharzer has handled the screenplay which is based on the 2017 novel of the same name by Darcey Bell. All thanks to the stunning performance of the cast members such as  Anna Kendrick, Blake Lively, Henry Golding, Andrew Rannells, Linda Cardellini, Rupert Friend, and Jean Smart.

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This film was released on September 14, 2018, by Lionsgate in the vast regions of the United States. The compelling narrative and the performances of Kendrick, Lively, and Golding have grabbed the audience’s attention and garnered widespread recognition. This film received commercial success as it grossed $97 million worldwide on a $20 million budget.

was a simple favor based on a true storywas a simple favor based on a true story

Was A Simple Favor Based on a True Story?

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“A Simple Favor” film is not based on a real story. It would be a more terrifying storyline if it were based on real events. The intriguing narrative of the film is entirely a fictional work. There are numerous complex twists and turns in the film but they all are a product of the writer’s imagination.

The film begins with a simple investigation, that is conducted into a woman’s disappearance and this turns out as a complex tale of deceit, secrets, manipulation, and betrayals. The unique blend of storyline of “A Simple Favor” reveals various mysteries and secrets. However, these all highlight the mediation of society’s expectations of women. Before proceeding further, take a look at the truth behind “Rust Creek.” Is it based on a true story?

What Factors Shaped the Storyline of “A Simple Favor”?

“A Simple Favor” showcases its fictional plot and thriller genre to captivate the audience worldwide. The traditional gender roles in the film indicate the idealization of the “perfect” life, whether in terms of motherhood, marriage, or career.

It should be noted that this crime comedy thriller film is not associated with the writer-director’s imagination but also is crafted from a 2017 novel of the same name by Darcey Bell. Many events in the film show much darker themes which is only the frictional and imaginative work. Check out, is “Black Sails” based on a true story? Is “Black Sails” rooted in historical events?

What Are the Key Differences Between the Book and the Movie?

“A Simple Favor” is a film adaptation of Darcey Bell’s 2017 novel of the same name. Bell deserves recognition for the film’s plot, twists, and thematic social critique, despite some notable differences between the book and the movie. For instance, in the novel, Emily leverages Stephanie’s admission that Miles is Chris’ biological son against her.

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was a simple favor based on a true storywas a simple favor based on a true story

In contrast, the film leaves Stephanie’s recollections and reactions to this revelation open to the audience’s interpretation. The second installment of “A Simple Favor” is on its way. It is believed that “A Simple Favor 2” will be associated with the original story that was built on the events mentioned in its previous installment.

However, there is no information about the plot of the sequel has been revealed yet. If any official information pops up then we will surely provide you in a second of releasing. Do not miss out on reading, was “A Silent Voice” a film inspired by true stories? Read everything you want to know here!

Who is the Cast and Characters of A Simple Favor?

  • Anna Kendrick as Stephanie Smothers
  • Blake Lively as Emily Nelson / Hope McLanden and Faith McLanden
  • Nicole Peters & Lauren Peters as Hope McLanden and Faith McLanden (16 years old)
  • Henry Golding as Sean Townsend
  • Andrew Rannells as Darren
  • Linda Cardellini as Diana Hyland
  • Dustin Milligan as Chris
  • Jean Smart as Margaret McLanden
  • Rupert Friend as Dennis Nylon
  • Eric Johnson as Davis Smothers
  • Bashir Salahuddin as Detective Summerville

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  • Aparna Nancherla as Sona
  • Joshua Satine as Miles Smothers
  • Ian Ho as Nicholas “Nicky” Townsend-Nelson
  • Kelly McCormack as Stacy
  • Sarah Baker as Maryanne Chelkowsky
  • Melissa O’Neil as Beth T.A.
  • Patti Harrison as Kiko
  • Corinne Conley as a librarian


In the crux, “A Simple Favor” is a 2018 American crime comedy thriller film that is based on the 2017 novel of the same name written by Darcey Bell. The director of the film made some changes to the storylines of the novel and gave it visual scenarios. This movie is a frictional work, not based on the real events.

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