Is WAEC Up to The Task?


A flashback into the years passed by, assessments were led under well-organized and verified conditions. Educators, guardians, and students discover it incredibly hard to try and dream about getting WAEC questions not to mention illuminate and remember the appropriate responses (the two goals and hypothetical inquiries)

So the request for the day was understudy and instructors vigorously experiencing past inquiries to anticipate likely examinable inquiries for that year.

What’s more, you would be shocked by the exactness of these forecasters. In any case, what do we see today? Directly from the verified composing room of WAEC to the different across the nation assessment focuses, assessment is vigorously undermined.

The woodworker at your region and the waakye merchant at that T-intersection could even show you the tests inquiries on his-her telephone give the telephone is an android bolstered on.

Examiners set questions subtly and offer it to the police officer, from the police officer to the invigilator and afterward at last to the student.

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What sort of country would we say we are building? What virtues are we imparting in these future country developers. No big surprise we can’t balance out our cash when we are so honored with teachers of Economics in this nation.

At the point when the issue of assessment spillages began, the main arrangement was to drop the paper or the whole assessment and put the fault and superfluous weight on the guiltless students.


So will WAEC keep on dropping papers once they are spilled? Where is the trustworthiness of WAEC? Give me a chance to pose you this straightforward inquiry, how on earth can your nearby neighbor realize what occurs in your verified room? Indeed, the main answer is except if you tell your neighbor or a confided in companion of your does that.

So however WAEC is bombing us as a nation, and her companions like the Police administration, teachers, guardians and students are all to be accused.

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So on the off chance that an educator or an understudy is rebuffed for assessment misbehavior, at that point what ought to befall the leading body of WAEC?

They generally go scout free-WAEC has lost her honesty. The non-public schools out of rivalry have impacted WAEC, invigilators and the police officers to bargain with the trustworthiness of assessments.

Notwithstanding, every productive analysis accompanies a package of good arrangements. WAEC should utilize private security office to man the entire assessment security. The administration should break up the whole WAE board and constituent another one.

WAEC ought to get CCTV cameras at the different assessment focuses or use automatons to disseminate the assessment papers. Ghana needs to establishment and elective assessment body to contend with WAEC.

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