Jael Wena Age – How Old Is She? Parents & Boyfriend Revealed


Jael Wena’s amazing performance on The Voice when she was young wowed the judges and the crowd.

Jael Wena, an Australian singer who is 16 and from Melbourne, tried out for “The Voice Australia,” a well-known singing reality show.

On “The Voice Generations,” Jael has already competed in singing contests with her family, so this is not her first time doing so.

In 2022, Jael was one of the people who tried out blind for The Voice Australia. The judges knew her voice right away because they had heard her on “The Voice Generations” (2021) when The Wena family made it to the finals.

This time, Jael chose Whitney Houston’s epic ballad “How Will I Know,” and it’s safe to say she did a great job with it.

Jael Wena
Jael Wena

What is Jael Wena’s age?

Jeal Wena is 16 years old. She was born on December 22, 2005, making her 16 years old. She may be young, but she has a huge gift for singing.

The Australian girl has been in several singing contests since she was a child. She is still in school, but she is putting more effort into her music.


Jael’s father took her to a Fast Track Talent competition, where she beat everyone else and won. This lit a fire in her, and she became more competitive because of it.

The Wena family took part in blind auditions for the first season of The Voice Generations in 2021. While Jael, Esther, Shenae, and their mother sang, Israel and David played music.

During their whole performance, they sang Sister Sledge’s “We Are Family” so well that even Keith Urban had to applaud.

The Wena family was on Guy Sebastian’s team, but COVID-19 meant that they had to go back home after passing the auditions. Even so, they made it to the final round.

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Jael Wena Parents Are Australian

Jael Wena’s parents have helped her a lot in her career. She was born on December 22, 2005, in Melbourne City, Australia, to Bek Wena and David Wena.

Bek, her mother, showed her how to sing. Wena’s younger sisters, Esther and Shenae, are both singers. Her brother, Israel, plays the drums.

Jael also had the chance to represent Australia in “Junior Eurovision.” She finished third overall, but still gave her country the most nuanced performances. She also sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the A-League Soccer Championship (2021).

In the first season of “The Voice Generations,” Jael competed with her family. This time, she will be on her own. This season, Jael is one of the twelve people to watch. This is great news for the audience.

This gives us reason to hope that she will make it to the later rounds of the competition. Jael says that for a blind audition, she will sing a Whitney Houston song.

On “The Voice Generations,” Jael and her family competed with coach Guy Sebastian, who was Australia’s first representative at the Eurovision Song Contest. They made it to the Grand Finale, but they didn’t win the contest.

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Who is the boyfriend of Jael Wena?

Because she is young and focused on her career, Jael Wena does not have a boyfriend.

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As of 2022, she hasn’t posted anything on Instagram with her possible partner. She has, however, gained fans because of how well she sings and performs.

The young singer has been in many singing shows and events over the course of her career, which shows how much she loves and works for her career.

With her song “Champion,” 12-year-old Jael took third place for Australia in the Junior Eurovision 2018 competition. This was the same place that Isabella Clarke took in 2017.

After her Junior Eurovision performance, Jael sang the National Anthem at the 2021 A-League Soccer Grand Final and made it to the semi-finals of “Australia’s Got Talent” in 2019.

He has also been a host on the kids’ television network ABC ME. He has been putting up a lot of covers on YouTube, including “Husavik” from the Eurovision movie.

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Jael Wena, a contestant on The Voice Australia, has a Wiki, a bio, and an ad

16-years-old Jael Wena is an Australian singer from Melbourne who was born on December 22, 2005. She tried out for “The Voice Australia,” which is a popular singing reality show. This is not the first time that Jael has been in a singing competition. Before this, she was in “The Voice Generations” with her family.

In 2022, Jael came to The Voice Australia’s blind auditions. It didn’t take the judges long to recognize her voice because they had heard it on “The Voice Generations” in 2021, when The Wena family was one of the finalists.

Jael Wena
Jael Wena

The Voice Australia 11 Jael Wena

This time, Jael sang “How Will I Know” by Whitney Houston. It would not be an exaggeration to say that she did a great job. She hit every note perfectly, making Keith Urban, Jessica Mauboy, and Rita Ora all stand up and applaud.

Jael Wena with her father David Wena, her mother Bek Wena, her brother Israel, and her sisters Shenae and Esther.

Jael Wena Birthday & Family

Jael Wena, who is 16 years old, was born to David Wena and Bek Wena on December 22, 2005, in Melbourne City, Australia. Jael’s mother, Bek, taught her to sing. Wena’s younger sisters, Esther and Shenae, are also singers, while her brother Israel is a musician and plays the drums.

Since she was a child, the Australian girl has been taking part in different singing competitions. Jael’s dad took her to a Fast Track Talent competition, which she won by beating all the other contestants. This sparked a fire in her, and she became more competitive as a result. At the moment, she goes to school but spends more time on her singing.

The Wena family tried out for the first season of The Voice Generations in 2021, but they didn’t know who they were singing with. Israel and David played instruments, and Jael, Esther, Shenae, and their mother all sang.

They sang Sister Sledge’s song “We Are Family,” which they did so well that even Keith Urban had to stand up and applaud. The Wena family didn’t make it past the auditions because of COVID-19, but they were still finalists and were on Guy Sebastian’s team.

Picture of Jael Wena as a child

Jael also had the chance to sing for Australia at “Junior Eurovision,” where she came in third place but got the best results for her country. She also sang the National Anthem at the grand finale of the A-League Soccer (2021).

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How old is Jael?

The Aussie singer is only 16 years old.

When did Jael Wena get here?

On December 22, 2005.

Who is the mother of Jael Wena?

Bek Wena.

Who are Jael Wena’s other children?

Shenae, Shenar, and Esther.

What race is Jael Wena?

She is black and from Australia.

Jael Wena’s Instagram?


At age four, Jael started to sing and wrote her first song. By the time she was nine, she had already recorded in her dad’s studio. Jael likes many different kinds of music, such as pop, hip hop, contemporary, and gospel. She also won the top prize at the Fast Track Talent Showcase for three years in a row. Her music and attitude were meant to inspire others.

Who is Jael Wena, though? Who does she go out with? Who does she date? Let’s look at Jael Wena’s Wikipedia page, biography, age, height, race, and songs.

Is Jael Wena Dating Anyone?

Jael Wena is a girl who is 12 years old and has a lot of friends at school. In an interview, she admitted that she loves spending time with her friends and having them over to her house. She didn’t say anything about her boyfriend or dating, though.

Even though Jael didn’t say much about her boyfriend, it’s safe to assume that this pre-teen isn’t dating anyone right now.

Jael is studying hard and getting ready for the Junior Eurovision song contest, which will take place on November 25, 2018.

In Junior Eurovision, Jael Wena won

After being chosen by Blink TV, Jael Wena is the fifth person to represent Australia at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Minsk, Belarus. It came out that she was going to sing a song called “Champion.” Michael Charles Paynter and Michael James Delorenzis put the official music video for the song on the YouTube page for juniorEurovision.tv.

The girl who is going to Junior Eurovision has more than 50 cousins in Africa on her father’s side, and she hopes to see them soon.

“I’ve been singing pretty much my whole life, since I could walk, I guess. I love to sing because it shows off your voice and sometimes has great songs and meanings.”

Jael Wena told Junior Eurovision that she writes her own songs. She told me,

“My dad has a studio in our house, and we work together to make a song to record. I’ll write the songs and he’ll make the beats.”

In 2005, Jael Wena was born in Melbourne, Australia. Her birthday is on December 22, which makes her 12 years old.

Her mother, Rebekah, is from Australia, and her father, David Wena, is from the African country of Congo. They had Jael. She is of Australian and African descent. As a child growing up in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Jael loved every moment of her childhood. She lives with her family in Toolern.

Jael started singing when she was four years old, and when she was nine, she made her first recording in her father’s studio. Jael loves to bake and is good at gymnastics, dancing, and dancing.

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