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Jameliz is a celebrity via online entertainment. She is 21 years of age and was born in Florida on February 16, 2003. Likewise, she gets a kick out of the chance to make recordings on TikTok and YouTube and has a great deal of fans who need to watch her. She is likewise a model on Instagram and individuals like to see her photos. Jameliz is major areas of strength for extremely endeavors to remain fit.

She has a many individuals who like her and she is excellent at what she does. Additionally, her genuine name is Jameliz Benitez Smith and she is truly adept at satisfying individuals with her recordings and pictures. She is extremely famous and her family is glad for her. Likewise, everybody loves Jameliz and she is a motivation to many individuals.

Who is Jameliz Benitez Smith?

Jameliz Benitez Smith is a major ordeal on the internet. She began making cool recordings and sharing fun photographs on the web. Likewise, individuals all around the world watch her on TikTok and YouTube. Plus, she displays on Instagram, flaunting stylish ensembles and her wellness process. Likewise, Jameliz loves to associate with her adherents.

Furthermore, she generally has something previously unheard-of to share. That, yet she additionally appreciates making individuals grin with her content. Besides, she’s really innovative and consistently concocts fun thoughts. Likewise, Jameliz knows how to stir things up on the web. Her fans can’t get enough of her astounding posts.

Furthermore, she’s not just about looks; she has ability and a big heart. Each and every individual who follows her feels like they’re essential for a big, blissful internet family. That is the reason Jameliz Benitez Smith is something beyond an internet star; she resembles a companion to a large number.

Quick Facts

Real Name
Jameliz Benitez Smith
Nick Name
Jameliz, Jellybeanbrains, Daisy’s bloomss
TikTok Star, Instagram Star, AV Model
Date of Birth
16 February 2003
21 years old (In 2024)
Florida, United States
Grew Up
Net Worth
$130 K (as of 2024)
4 feet 10 inches
51 Kg
Eye Color
Hair Color
Dark Brown

Instagram account: @jellybeanbrainss

Jameliz’s Early Life and Education

Growing up, Jameliz was in every case splendid and effervescent. She lived in radiant Florida with her loved ones. Since early on, Jameliz wanted to act before her loved ones. Likewise, she would move, sing, and act, making everybody giggle and grin. The school was where she sparkled.

Furthermore, Jameliz was great at her studies as well as made heaps of companions. Likewise, her educators saw her imaginative side early on. They generally said she would do big things one day. In school, Jameliz was essential for some clubs. Additionally, she cherished craftsmanship class the most. Drawing and painting were her number one exercises. Here and there, she even made interesting recordings for school projects.

Everybody cherished them. Her advantage in online entertainment began developing close to this time. She figured out how to impart her innovativeness to the world on the web. Much to her dismay, this started her excursion to turning into a star. Additionally, Jameliz generally thought beyond practical boundaries, and her early life was loaded with tomfoolery, learning, and imagination.

Jameliz’s Parents and Siblings

Jameliz has a super-cherishing family. They are her biggest fans. She grew up with magnificent guardians. They generally energize her. They help her think beyond practical boundaries. Jameliz likewise has kin. They resemble her dearest companions. Together, they make a tomfoolery pack. They love to mess around and make jokes. Her folks are extremely steady. They come to every one of her occasions. They cheer the most intense.

Her kin share her recordings. They are pleased with her. Jameliz loves her family a great deal. She says they rouse her. They have some good times family meals. Likewise, they discuss their day. They snicker a great deal. Her family is vital to her. They are a big piece of her prosperity. Jameliz feels fortunate to have them.

Jameliz’s Husband/Boyfriend

Jameliz has an exceptional somebody named Daisy. He’s known on TikTok as well. They share adorable minutes on the web. Fans love seeing them together. Their recordings are loaded with giggles and grins. Daisy upholds Jameliz in all that she does. He’s her biggest team promoter. Together, they make an extraordinary group.

They care very much about one another. Daisy frequently shows up in Jameliz’s posts. They love to team up. Their relationship is appreciated by a lot of people. Individuals admire them as a tomfoolery, cherishing couple. They really appreciate each other’s conversation. It’s tomfoolery watching their undertakings unfurl on the web.

Jameliz Children

At the present time, Jameliz has no children. She’s zeroing in on making recordings, having some good times, and investing energy with Daisy. Together, they investigate new spots and offer their experiences with fans. However, jameliz loves being an aunt to her kin’s children.

Additionally, she frequently posts charming minutes with them, showing the amount she appreciates their conversation. Messing around and going on smaller than normal undertakings with them is a big piece of her life. These minutes are exceptional to her, and she cherishes them a great deal. Likewise, her adherents love seeing this side of Jameliz.

Moreover, it shows she’s about popularity as well as values family time. Being around kids makes her blissful and draws out her lively side. In this way, for the present, Jameliz is tied in with partaking in life’s excursion, mindfully.

Jameliz’s Age, Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Jameliz isn’t the tallest in the room, standing similarly as high as a heap of skateboards at 4 feet and 10 inches. Presently, she’s a youthful 21-year-old, brimming with zing and brilliance. Her weight is perfect for her level, at around 51 kg – envision 51, one-kilogram packs of flour arranged in the storage room!

Additionally, her eyes shimmer like stars in the night sky, particularly when she shares her accounts or blasts into chuckling. Jameliz’s hair streams and sparkles, getting the light perfectly, spreading the word and felt. Additionally, she conducts herself with beauty and certainty, prepared to take on whatever comes her direction.

At the point when you see her, she appears to hop into another experience; her energy is irresistible, making her stand out. Likewise, her uniqueness isn’t simply in what she does yet by they way she looks while getting it done, genuinely making her an extraordinary presence on the web and in life.

Jameliz Before Fame

Before she turned into a star, Jameliz was very much like any youngster. She wanted to play outside and utilize her creative mind. She made up stories and acted them out. At school, she was known for being really agreeable. Everybody loved being around her. Jamelizz additionally needed to draw and make creates. She involved her imagination in all that she did.

Furthermore, she generally had a camera in hand. She delighted in catching minutes and offering them to her loved ones. This leisure activity transformed into her energy. And still, at the end of the day, obviously Jameliz had a talent for engaging others. Additionally, her excursion to distinction began with these straightforward delights.

Jameliz career and achievements

Jameliz turned into a big hit on the internet quick. She initially gleamed on TikTok, making everybody giggle. Individuals adored her pleasant recordings. She likewise models on Instagram, showing cool garments. Her fans love her wellness process shares. Furthermore, she’s won honors for her imaginative content.

Moreover, Jameliz works with renowned brands, making advertisements amusing to watch. Her ability has brought her bunches of devotees. She’s known for being really sure on the web. Likewise, she assists with good cause occasions, showing she wants to think about it. Her process is brimming with energizing minutes and big accomplishments.

Jameliz Net Worth

Discussing cash can be interesting. However, with regards to Jameliz, individuals are interested. She’s accomplished such a great deal cool stuff on the web. Additionally, her diligent effort has taken care of big time. Presently, she’s renowned as well as rich. It’s accepted that Jameliz has about $130,000 to her name.

Goodness, that is a great deal of zeroes! This cash comes from her recordings, displaying, and promotions. Besides, she works with big brands. Envision every one of the skateboards you could purchase with that! At any rate, she utilizes her cash admirably and loves to help other people.

Jameliz Famous Reason

Jameliz got very renowned for a cool explanation. She made a TikTok video where she moved in a vehicle. It sounded wild, however it was so tomfoolery and cool. North of 2 million individuals watched that video. They cherished it a ton. She additionally involves well known rap and hip-jump tunes in her recordings. That makes them extra snappy and enjoyable to watch. Everybody begins moving when they hear the beats.

Furthermore, her moving is astounding. Besides, she knows how to pick the best tunes. This blend of extraordinary music and tomfoolery moving is the reason she’s a star. Additionally, individuals from everywhere the world like to see what she’ll do straightaway. Her energy is infectious. Additionally, you can’t resist the urge to grin and move along. In this way, moving in a vehicle put her on the map. Presently, she continues to share her marvelous moves. And we as a whole can hardly stand by to see more.

Jameliz’s Future Plans and Projects

Jameliz has big dreams for what’s in store. She needs to begin her dress line. It will be brimming with fun and bright outfits. She likewise plans to send off a wellness application. It will assist with peopling stay sound and blissful. In addition, Jameliz is contemplating acting.

Furthermore, she desires to be in films and Programs. She needs to venture to the far corners of the planet. Additionally, she will share her undertakings online with us all. Jameliz is continuously searching for better approaches to rouse. Likewise, her process is simply getting everything rolling. We can hardly hold on to see where it goes.

Jameliz Hobbies

Jameliz loves to paint with splendid varieties.
She appreciates climbing on radiant days with companions.
Cooking new recipes is one more fun side interest for her.
Playing computer games keeps her engaged for a really long time.
Likewise, she’s into yoga, which assists her visit with quieting.
Jameliz gathers cool tennis shoes from everywhere.
Perusing books takes her on astounding experiences.
She likewise prefers making Do-It-Yourself creates at home.
Additionally, watching films is her go-to movement on languid days.
Skating in the recreation area is really exciting for her.
Jameliz appreciates moving to cheery music at whatever point she can.
Taking photographs of nature catches its excellence for her.
Finally, she cherishes investing energy with her pet canine, making each second extraordinary.

Jameliz Favorite Things

Jamelizz loves radiant days at the ocean side and playing in the sand.
Frozen yogurt is her go-to treat, particularly cocoa flavor.
Additionally, she appreciates watching hero motion pictures and longing for having abilities.
Jameliz pays attention to popular music, moving around her room.
Splendid, bright shoes are her number one footwear, showing her style.
She loves pizza evenings with companions, chuckling and sharing stories.
Additionally, Jameliz tracks down delight in drawing and making pictures from her creative mind.
Perusing dream books takes her to supernatural universes brimming with experience.
Dusks fulfill her, watching the sky change tones.
Playing with her canine in the recreation area is an exceptional time for her.
Likewise, she cherishes thrill rides, feeling the rush and energy.
Making TikTok recordings is a great way for her to communicate her thoughts.
Ultimately, Jameliz treasures family game evenings, uniting everybody.

Interesting Facts About Jameliz

Jameliz can communicate in two dialects easily.
She figured out how to skateboard when she was only six.
Additionally, her most memorable TikTok video was made with her feline.
Jameliz has a mysterious ability for singing, in all honesty.
She once met a well known vocalist at a café.
Her number one occasion is Halloween since she adores outfits.
Additionally, Jameliz fantasies about skydiving one day, which is really cool.
She love secret books and riddles.
Once, Jameliz made a dress totally out of reused materials.
Additionally, she inclines toward dawn over nightfall; it’s her tranquil time.
Jamelliz has a bizarre propensity for gathering out of control socks.
Her #1 tidbit is popcorn blended in with chocolate chips.
Likewise, she named her most memorable pet after a superhuman person.


What’s Jameliz’s favorite hobby?

She loves painting and hiking. Both make her super happy. 

Does she like pets?

Yes, she adores her pet dog. Also, she has lots of fun times together. 

How tall is Jameliz? 

She’s as tall as a pile of skateboards, standing 4 feet and 10 inches. 

Who’s her special someone? 

Daisy is her boyfriend. They share lots of laughs online. 

What’s her dream project? 

Jameliz dreams of starting her clothing line. Also, it will be super colorful and fun. 

Can Jameliz cook? 

Yes, she enjoys trying new recipes. Cooking is another one of her hobbies. 

Is she planning to act? 

Yes, she hopes to be in movies and TV shows someday. 

Does Jameliz have a fitness app? 

She still needs to, but she’s planning to launch one. Also, it will help folks stay fit and happy.


Thus, we gabbed about Jameliiz. She’s cool, she accomplishes such a great deal fun stuff and offers it with everybody. Additionally, she’s moving, from making TikTok recordings to thinking beyond practical boundaries about her future. Jamelizz shows us that acting naturally is magnificent.

Likewise, she reminds us to really buckle down for our fantasies. Besides, she cherishes her loved ones a great deal. And, remember, she has a big heart for helping other people. Likewise, she’s not simply renowned; she’s a decent individual. We as a whole can be a piece like Jameliz. How about we think ambitiously and be caring to everybody. Gratitude for finding out about Jameliz with me!

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