Just in: GNACOPS to introduce a scheme to train & license private school teachers

GNACOPS to introduce a scheme to train & license private school teachers

The Ghana National Council of Private Schools (GNACOPS) says it will soon roll out a scheme dubbed ‘The GNACOPS Volunteer Service Scheme’ to help maintain, train, license, and absorb the existing teachers into the profession.

The Executive Director of GNACOPS, Mr. Enoch Gyetuah disclosed this speaking at a press conference to update Ghanaians on the school reopening and the COVID-19 Alleviation Programme (CAP) for private schools.

The Executive Director revealed that currently there are over 22,000 registered private schools in the country, which employ over 400,000 workers and advocate the mastering of quality-based education with emphasis on academic excellence, creative exposures, sporting disciplines, and religious and moral upbringing of students.

The ‘The GNACOPS Volunteer Service Scheme’ when introduced is expected to train the over 400,000 private school teachers from the over 22,000 registered private schools across the country.

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This follows a decision by the National Teaching Council (NTC) under the auspices of the Ministry of Education (MoE) to suspend unlicensed private school teachers from teaching.

According to the Teaching Council, it is collaborating with proprietors of private schools on a roadmap to remove unqualified teachers on their payroll.

However, the GNACOPS has also cautioned that if the unreviewed decision is taken into consideration it will increase the country’s unemployment rate.


According to GNACOPS at least 400,000 private school teachers in the country will be jobless in September 2020 if the Education Ministry insists on mandatory licensing of private teachers through the NTC.

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Mr. Enoch Gyetuah admitted that even though about 80% of private school teachers are unlicensed but there are some private schools that have performed exceptionally in the past years with the same unlicensed teachers.

“We all bear witness to the outstanding performance of private schools and their contribution to education in Ghana. We can state emphatically that even though about 80% of our teachers are unlicensed, we the private schools have performed exceptionally in the past years of our existence,” he said