Kanye West To Release Documentary Exclusively Filmed On iPhone

The low budget production may have something to do with Kanye’s ongoing legal troubles.

Kanye West isn’t planning to stay out of the spotlight long, as he’s reportedly filming a new documentary entirely on an iPhone.

According to reports, Million Dollaz Worth of Game co-host Wallo267 recently recounted a meeting he had with Kanye. The rapper was accompanied by a producer who was in charge of filming their encounter on the smartphone.

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Wallo267 said that he was told the footage would be used for a documentary Ye is making about himself.

“I was with Ye months ago,” he explained. “This mothaf*cka had a white bull, right? Me and this bull talkin’. This white bull got an iPhone that’s all day… He documenting everything. This gon’ be the documentary, the iPhone.”


“When I’m talkin’ to Ye, Ye’s like, ‘Do you mind if I record this?’ Nah, he could record,” he continued. “He like this all day, he don’t say nothing.”

It’s unclear who’s financing the documentary or why it’s only being filmed with an iPhone. But it could have something to do with Kanye’s ongoing legal and financial problems.

Following a series of controversial behavior and comments last year, Kanye lost a variety of sponsorships and collaborations, including his long-time Yeezy partnership with Adidas. After Adidas cancelled the line, Forbes reported that Kanye no longer qualified as a billionaire.

The rapper has also been hit with a variety of lawsuits over his actions, including a $250 million case filed by the family of George Floyd, after Ye made defamatory comments about his death.

Even Kanye’s employees have turned on him. He’s currently being sued for millions by his ex-manager, and his law firm recently quit. His Yeezy brand was also evicted from its headquarters over unpaid rent.

Kanye’s iPhone documentary may be an attempt at repairing his image, but it’s not the only press he’s going to have soon. In January, it was reported that Kanye’s ex-bodyguard is participating in a documentary aimed at exposing Ye’s behavior.

“People will not look at Kanye in a negative light, but people will be entertained. … Everybody knows now the type of person his personality is; I was just the first one who knew back in 2016,” the bodyguard has said.

Kanye has faced a plethora of workplace harassment and discrimination claims, and has even reportedly paid undisclosed settlements to ex-employees.

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