Kenyan Gospel Artist Who Relocated to US Says She Kept Travel Plans Secret: “Lied to Friends”

  • Gospel artist Emmy Chris has recently made a bold move by relocating to the United States, but she kept her departure a secret from her loved ones
  • Although she felt sorry for not sharing this news earlier, she explained that she had no other choice, fearing the possibility of being deported
  • Emmy Chris, known for her incredible vocal talents, expressed her determination to continue pursuing her passion for music

In a clandestine departure that baffled her loved ones, Emmy Chris, a gospel artist, recently vanished from the shores of her motherland and reemerged on the vibrant soil of the United States.

Emmy Chris said travelling was a dream come true
Emmy Chris apologised to her friends for lying about her whereabouts, but said she couldn’t risk being deported. Photo: Emmy Chris.
Source: Facebook

Despite the hush-hush nature of her departure, Emmy Chris remains determined to pursue her passion for singing.

Make boss moves in silence

Chris speaking to Mkenya Marekani, said:

” I never told my friends I was leaving for the States, even the praise and worship team, I just told them I had bought a small parcel of land in Ruai, and I was going to build new roots there.”

The singer encouraged others who aspire to venture abroad to follow their dreams but advised them to handle their affairs discreetly.

Chris stated her main reason for not sharing was that she didn’t want to risk announcing her travel plans and facing the possibility of being deported.

Culture shock

Adapting to her new surroundings hasn’t been without its challenges.

The singer shared that she is currently adjusting to a different culture; English is spoken with a distinct accent, requiring her to learn and communicate in a new way.

While in Kenya, she used to own a car and mentioned cars are regarded as luxury items, but in the US, they are considered a basic need.

She said:

” Here, there are basic things that are too expensive, and my Kenyan mind converts the cash before buying something; this, in turn, makes me leave the store without buying anything.”

Adjusting to this new monetary system has been a learning curve for her.

Nonetheless, Chris remains steadfast in her desire to release fresh music, inspiring her followers and reminding them that dreams can come true.


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