Kim Goodburn Wiki: Mister International 2023 Winner from Thailand

On September 17, 2023, Kim Thitisan Goodburn of Thailand was delegated Mr. Worldwide 2023 at the Gem Configuration Center Assembly hall in Bangkok. Goodburn, a 24-year-old Thai-English model and entertainer, beat off 35 other fantastic contenders to bring home the title. Besides, his ordering appearance procured him the Best in Public Outfit prize.

Kim Thitisan Goodburn’s Triumph This win is something other than one more plume in Goodburn’s crown. It is a turning point for Thailand, as he turns into the country’s first to hold this differentiation. Incidentally, Goodburn’s achievement comes as Thailand commends its 70th year as an UN part.

Winner Name Kim Thitisan Goodburn
Date of Victory September 17, 2023
Venue Crystal Design Center Ballroom, Bangkok
Age of Winner 24 years
Background Thai-British
Number of Contestants 35
Special Award Best in National Costume
First Runner-Up William Manuel Badell, Venezuela
Second Runner-Up Edward Taiye Ogunniya, Brazil
Top 10 Achievements for the Philippines Jefferson Bunney

Kim Goodburn Age, Early Life Kimberley Thitisan Goodburn, born on June 30, 1999, is a multi-gifted individual noted for his achievements in various callings. He is 24 years of age in 2023. Among Goodburn’s significant accomplishments is his experience as the previous chief of Thailand’s Rugby Sevens group.

This job acquired him reputation at the ‘Asian Schools Rugby Sevens Title’ in 2016, which was facilitated at Ruler’s Park in Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Mr. Worldwide Association Since its beginning in 2006, the Mr Worldwide Association has perceived and celebrated manly excellence and keenness through its esteemed events. Consistently, it draws in an enormous number of candidates as one of the world’s most renowned male magnificence contests.

This exhibition, open to men matured 18 to 27, centers around appearance as well as on knowledge and character, guaranteeing an exhaustive evaluation of the contenders.

Second place Challengers While Kim Goodburn sparkled the most brilliant, Venezuela’s William Manuel Badell was not far behind, taking first second place.

Edward Taiye Ogunniya of Brazil was not a long ways behind, completing as the second next in line. Jefferson Bunney of the Philippines was one more remarkable candidate, establishing his position in the main 10, marking a critical accomplishment for the country in earlier Mr Worldwide shows.

End Kim Goodburn’s triumph as the champ of Mr. Global 2023 is in excess of an individual achievement. It represents Thailand’s objectives and desires and underlines the nation’s developing global unmistakable quality. His devotion, responsibility, and unadulterated ability have positively set another norm in Mr Worldwide history.

Q: Who is the Mr Worldwide 2023 victor? A: Kim Thitisan Goodburn from Thailand.

Q: How old is Kim Goodburn? A: He is 24 years of age starting around 2023

Q: Where was the Mr Worldwide 2023 exhibition held? A: At the Gem Configuration Center Dance hall in Bangkok, Thailand.

Q: Who was the primary sprinter up at the Mr Worldwide 2023 exhibition? A: William Manuel Badell from Venezuela got the place of the primary next in line.

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