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The Black Cake Hulu series has piqued the interest of viewers with its storyline, so here is its plot summary, Wikipedia, and more. 

Black Cake is Hulu’s new mystery drama series, which was released on November 1, 2023.

The drama is based on a book of the same name by Charmaine Wilkerson.

Further, the series debuted with its initial three episodes on the streaming platform.

The story of Black Cake unfolds over several decades, commencing in the late 1960s.

Moreover, the plot focuses on a runaway bride, Covey, who escapes Jamaica, leaving her fate shrouded in mystery.

As the story progresses and fast forwards half a century to California, the truth emerges.

Black Cake also unveils the character’s secret, which is stored on a flash drive.

After unexpected turns in the story, viewers search for the plot summary as well as the Wikipedia of the Hulu series Black Cake.

Black Cake Hulu Wikipedia: Know About Series Summary

With the release of Black Cake on Hulu, attention has also equally shifted to Wikipedia.

Each episode of Black Cake runs for approximately an hour and unravels many truths in that time.

In the opening scene, Covey is running toward the sea in a wedding dress.

Black Cake Hulu
The mystery drama has kept fans on the edge of their seats. (Source: Instagram)

The scene cuts to an older woman, Eleanor, who is surfing but gets hit in the head and later is diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Further, she dies a year later, and at the time, her children Byron and Benny receive a flash drive with the secrets of Eleanor.

Moreover, their mother wants them to share a black cake that she has baked for them.

The story then unfolds Eleanor’s childhood in the West Indies.

Likewise, they discover that her real name is Covey, and she did not grow up as an orphan.

Covey had a life with her best friend, Bunny, and boyfriend, Gibbs, in the past. However, Covey goes through with her arranged marriage to a local gangster.

Later, when he is poisoned, Covey fakes her death and flees to England.

Black Cake Hulu cast
Black Cake is a rich and complex story. (Source: Instagram)

Over the year, she is on the run and forges new identities in different places and times.

Much of the series lays out flashbacks with Eleanor’s narration as her children understand their mother more.

At the end of the series, Covey runs in front of a bus as she spots Gibbs in a protest.

In conclusion, the Hulu series Black Cake and its Wikipedia tell the thrilling story as Covey tries to reconnect to her old self.

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Black Cake: Cast And New Episode Details

The Wikipedia of Black Cake also includes the casting details of the Hulu series.

According to the movie’s IMDb, the series was directed by Zetna Fuentes, Natalia Leite, Tara Nicole Weyr, and Mario Van Peebles.

Black Cake series
Black Cake explores the complex past relationship of the characters. (Source: Instagram)

The show featured the following notable cast members:

  • Mia Isaac- Covey
  • Chipo Chung – Eleanor Bennett
  • Adrienne Warren – Benny Bennett
  • Ashley Thomas – Byron Bennett
  • Glynn Turman – Charles Mitch
  • Lashay Anderson – Bunny Pringle
  • Anthony Mark Barrow – Clarence Henry
  • Sonita Henry – Mabel Martin
  • Faith Alabi – Pearl Thomas
  • Ahmed Elhaj – Gibbs Grant
  • Simon Wan – Lin
  • Rupert Evans – James Everett

As for future episodes, the team plans to release new episodes every Wednesday.

So, episode four of the series titled Mrs. Bennet of Black Cake will be accessible on November 8.

Moreover, this season of the show will have a total of eight episodes, which will be as thrilling as the initial episodes.

Many have described the series as a rich and mesmerizing tale of family melodrama.

Further, the cast of Black Cake has also received praise from viewers and critics.

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