KNUST: 2020 Admission Announcement

The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology has reviewed its
Admission Entry Requirements as follows:


Female applicants into Science; Technology; Engineering and Mathematics
(STEM) programmes of study shall gain one aggregate point advantage. This is
to facilitate and encourage Female students into these programmes of study.


All applicants into the University must have a minimum credit passes in
English, Mathematics and Science. However for Art; Humanities; Social
Sciences and Business Programmes, a better grade in SOCIAL STUDIES shall
be used in place of the Integrated Science provided applicant has a minimum
of C6 in Integrated Science.

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C. KNUST is giving all applicants the opportunity to do the following on their
application online:

1. Check for the correctness of the following
a. index number
b. Years of Examination(s)
c. Type of Examination (SSSCE or WASSCE)
d. Sitting (May/June or Nov/Dec)

2. The name on the application SHOULD BE EXACTLY the same as appears
on the RESULT SLIP. No variation in Names will be accepted.

3. You MAY make changes to programmes selected.

NOTE: Deadline for ALL corrections: 23RD NOVEMBER, 2020

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