Kristina Navarro

Kristina Navarro’s Obituary and the Void at UW Platteville’s Helm

Unveiling the Life and Legacy of Kristina Navarro-Krupka: A Remarkable Journey in Sports Leadership

In a somber declaration, the university shared the heart-wrenching news and conveyed deep sorrow at the loss of a beloved community member.

A Tragic Revelation: Pregnancy at the Time of Passing

Dr. Tammy K. Evetovich, serving as the university’s Chancellor, disclosed a devastating revelation about Kristina’s passing, intensifying the shock and sadness within the UW-Platteville community. Kristina was pregnant at the time of her demise, adding a poignant layer to the community’s grief.

Navigating the Athletic Realm: A Distinguished Career

In her third year as the Director of Athletics and Assistant Chancellor at UW-Platteville, Navarro-Krupka not only managed administrative responsibilities but also contributed significantly to the academic landscape. Let’s delve into the multifaceted aspects of her impactful journey.

Teaching Excellence: A Five-Course Commitment

  • Navarro-Krupka demonstrated her commitment to education by fulfilling teaching duties for five university courses. This dedication reflected not only her administrative prowess but also her passion for fostering academic growth within the student community.
  • Beyond her role as an educator, Kristina played a pivotal part in orchestrating the graduate program in sports administration. Her strategic approach and leadership skills significantly contributed to the success and growth of this program, leaving an indelible mark on the university’s sports education landscape.
  • Before her tenure in Platteville, Navarro-Krupka held the position of Senior Associate Athletic Director for Leadership Development and Strategic Partnerships at Rutgers University in New Jersey. This experience enriched her perspective and added depth to her leadership style, making her a valuable asset to the UW-Platteville community.
  • Kristina’s professional journey spanned prestigious institutions, including UW-Madison, the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, the University of Oklahoma, and UW-Whitewater. Her roles in these athletic departments showcased her versatility and ability to thrive in diverse academic environments.

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In Memoriam: Fond Remembrances for the Late Dr. Kristina Navarro

In a somber announcement, Chancellor Dr. Tammy Evetovich delivered the unexpected news of the passing of Dr. Kristina Navarro-Krupka, a beloved figure at our university. Tragically, her untimely departure occurred during a delicate phase of her life—her pregnancy.

Dr. Navarro-Krupka: A Dynamic Advocate for the University Community

Describing Navarro-Krupka as more than just an administrator, Evetovich painted a portrait of “an enthusiastic champion” for the entire university community. The chancellor particularly emphasized Navarro-Krupka’s unwavering dedication to the student-athletes, coaches, and athletic staff.

Kristina Navarro
Kristina Navarro (Image: Source)

Condolences Echo from the World of Sports

Chris McIntosh, the esteemed Director of Athletics for the Wisconsin Badgers, expressed his deepest condolences to the grieving family, friends, and colleagues of Navarro-Krupka. In his heartfelt message, McIntosh highlighted the strong bond forged during the Badgers’ training camp at UW-Platteville earlier this summer.

A Shared Grief: Wisconsin Badgers Mourn the Loss

McIntosh, reflecting on the positive relationship between the university and Navarro-Krupka, spoke of the profound impact she had on the Badgers’ training camp. The sentiments expressed underscore the deep sense of loss felt by the entire athletic community.

Adding to the tributes, Head Coach Luke Fickell shared his sincere appreciation for the unique experience his staff had during their time outside Madison. Fickell emphasized that his team cherished the distinctive environment provided by the training camp, marking it as a memorable chapter in their athletic journey.

The outpouring of tributes for Dr. Kristina Navarro reflects the profound impact she had on the university community, especially the realm of athletics. As we mourn her untimely passing, we also celebrate the positive influence she left behind, forever etched in the memories of those whose lives she touched.

Kristina NavarroKristina Navarro
Kristina Navarro (Image: Source)

Kristina Navarro: A Tribute to a Remarkable Life

On the serene Saturday of November 18, 2023, the world bid farewell to Kristina Marie Navarro-Krupka, a remarkable soul at the age of 39. Alongside her, her cherished daughter, Karina Maria Krupka, also peacefully embraced the journey beyond, succumbing to the embrace of natural causes.

Remembering Kristina’s Journey

In the wake of her departure, Kristina leaves behind a loving legacy in the hearts of her surviving family. Her husband, Nick, stands strong amid the loss. The support extends to her father, Michael (Debbie Fairweather) Meissen; brother, Brad (Lauren) Meissen; and sister, Katelyn (Jake) Keller.

The memories of Kristina are woven into the tapestry of her family, further enriched by the presence of grandmothers Mary Erickson and Patricia (Steve Aronson) Meissen, as well as grandfather Marvin (Patty-Lee) Meissen.

Kristina NavarroKristina Navarro
Kristina Navarro (Image: Source)

Life’s Bittersweet Goodbye

However, Kristina’s journey is marked by poignant farewells. She joins her beloved mother, Karen Ellen Meissen, in the eternal realm. The departure also reunites her with her grandfather, Donald Erickson, and her aunt, Kristin Erickson. Additionally, in the embrace of eternity, she is joined by her father and mother-in-law, Norbert and Mary Ann Krupka.

Honoring Kristina’s Memory

In commemoration of Kristina’s life, a Mass of Christian Burial is slated to unfold at ST. DENNIS CATHOLIC CHURCH, located at 505 Dempsey Road, Madison. The ceremony, scheduled for 11 a.m. on Monday, November 27, 2023, will be officiated by Father William Nolan. Post the service, a poignant burial will follow at Roselawn Memorial Park.

Friends and well-wishers are invited to pay their respects during visitation hours at GUNDERSON EAST FUNERAL AND CREMATION CARE, situated at 5203 Monona Drive, Madison. The visitation spans from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday, November 26, 2023, and resumes at the church from 10 a.m. until the commencement of the Mass on Monday.

In lieu of traditional floral tributes, a memorial fund is being established in Dr. Navarro-Krupka’s honor. This fund provides an avenue for those desiring to pay homage to her enduring memory.

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Elevating Campus Leadership: Kristina Navarro’s Impact as Director of Athletics at UW-Platteville

In the realm of academia and athletic excellence, Kristina Navarro Ph.D., CSCS, stands as a beacon of leadership at UW-Platteville. Approaching her fourth year as the Director of Athletics and Assistant Chancellor, Navarro orchestrates an impactful symphony within the university’s administrative echelons.

Kristina NavarroKristina Navarro
Kristina Navarro

Navigating the Athletic Seas: A Glimpse into Navarro’s Realm

In her distinguished position, Navarro reports directly to the Chancellor, wielding influence as a key member of the cabinet. Her purview extends over the Division of Athletics and Recreation, an empire comprising 16 NCAA Division III athletic programs.

But that’s not all – intramurals, campus recreation, fitness and wellness programming, the Pioneer Leadership Institute, and the Pioneer Activity Center all fall under her watchful gaze.

Teaching Excellence: The Academic Facet of Navarro

Beyond her administrative prowess, Navarro, a tenured faculty member, immerses herself in the academic tapestry of UW-Platteville. Commanding five courses, she also takes charge of coordinating the graduate program in sport administration within the esteemed College of Liberal Arts and Education.

Kristina NavarroKristina Navarro
Kristina Navarro

Crafting Leaders, Shaping Futures: Navarro’s Vision Unveiled

As a dynamic force in faculty and campus leadership, Navarro’s commitment transcends the confines of traditional roles. She actively molds leadership development initiatives across the campus, fostering growth among Chancellor’s Scholars, Capstan Scholars, Regent Scholars, and the Pioneer Student-Athlete Advisory Committee groups.

In a strategic move that resonated in 2020, these diverse groups seamlessly integrated with the launch of the Pioneer Leadership Institute. Navarro’s vision of a unified front in leadership development came to fruition, creating a cohesive environment for collective growth and empowerment.

Kristina Navarro’s journey at UW-Platteville embodies a convergence of academia, athletics, and leadership. Her multifaceted role as the Director of Athletics, faculty member, and leadership architect paints a compelling narrative of impact and innovation.


1. What information does Kristina Navarro’s obituary contain?

Ans: Kristina Navarro’s obituary typically includes essential information such as her full name, date of birth, date of passing, and details about her life, achievements, and contributions. It may also provide information about memorial services or funeral arrangements.

2. How can I access Kristina Navarro’s obituary?

Ans: To access Kristina Navarro’s obituary, you can check local newspapers, online obituary databases, or the official website of the funeral home handling the arrangements. Additionally, the University of Wisconsin-Platteville may publish the obituary on its official channels or website.

3. What is the void at UW Platteville’s Helm mentioned in relation to Kristina Navarro?

Ans: The void at UW Platteville’s Helm refers to the impact of Kristina Navarro’s passing on the university community, especially in the context of her role or influence. This may include the emotional and professional gap created by her absence and how the university plans to address and navigate this void.

4. Are there any memorial events planned at UW Platteville in honor of Kristina Navarro?

Ans: Details about memorial events, such as vigils, memorial services, or other commemorations for Kristina Navarro, will be outlined in her obituary or through official announcements from the university. Keep an eye on university communications for updates on any planned events.

5. How can I offer condolences or support for the void at UW Platteville’s Helm?

Ans: Expressions of condolences and support can be extended through various channels. You may consider sending sympathy cards, flowers, or messages of support to the university’s designated address or contact point. Additionally, the obituary or university announcements may provide information about any memorial funds or charities where contributions can be made in Kristina Navarro’s name.

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