KTU SRC Reports On Negotiations For Reduction Of Graduation Fees And Bachelor Of Technology Admission Forms

In the quest of leaving a hallmark of pro-activeness, listenership and quick response sort of governance, the SRC has armoured itself with all the necessary accoutrement to combat, probe and report on all matters that deprive students of certain privileges or could possibly coerce students under pressure.

To begin with, Schools’ management made arrangements to hold congregation for graduates for the due period amidst Covid-19. In order to avoid breaches of COVID-19 protocols, an arrangement was made such that; graduates who attained first class will be permitted or authenticated to access the venue for the august programme whilst the subsequent classes will stream online.

The congregation which is slated to be virtual has seen agitations from the graduands due to the fees charged and the latest development to house a small fraction but discard the rest in an abyss—this has instigated the graduands to vociferously chastise management. Some of the questions raised demand answers on why they should pay exorbitant fees for graduation and will have to smear on them, additional infliction to stream online with their resources?

The Students’ Representative, chaired by His Excellency Safo Kantanka Obed, as duty calls, pushed to negotiate with management reduce the graduation fees and bring to the students’ populace report from the meeting.

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In a meeting with the Vice-Chancellor to downsize the fees for unstated percentage, statistics shown for the numbers of graduands who have paid indicate that majority of the graduands have paid and therefore have been accorded their entitlement already. This makes it difficult to consider a percentage reduction. In addition, there would be inconveniences in disbursing a percentage reduction which will adversely incur a miscellaneous cost.

Again, admission forms in stock to read a particular programme is increased annually to match up with the depreciated value of our currency. This is same for the Bachelor of Technology admission forms sold this year but with a gigantic percentage (over 100% increment). Though the amount may seem affordable, the rate at which the increment is hiking could result in a high cost in a short-run.

The SRC cannot sit aloof and stare at the struck of huge bills on students, therefore has petitioned to undergo contractual terms which will bind the academic board to decrease the percentage increment and also reduce the graduation fees for this year’s congregation. We entreat the students’ body to keep building confidence in the Safo Kantanka administration for we are here to cushion your academics. Long live KTU.