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KTU SRC to Launch Online ‘Pasco’ Portal for Students

In delivering ‘The Way Forward’ manifesto which seeks to spice the welfare of students, the long-anticipated portal is here to execute its function. It has been with a constant pursuit to implement this flagship initiative in the latter days of the Safo Kantanka led administration. This very initiative has since faced lots of challenges including uploading of questions. Although these challenges ought to mar the initiative, the toil of the SRC President has brought it to light.

The yet to be launched past questions portal is expected to aid students to advance their academic performance, also to keep records of examination questions, to relinquish the stress in accessing past questions from the library, to help students save the cost of printing past questions, and to present students with likely examination questions for their personal studies.

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The portal has a user-friendly and attractive interface, just in time response to a request made by your local computer (phone, laptop), access to download questions in readable formats, higher bandwidth of 10 Mbps, its stylish and soothing enough to whet the taste of students. Just to say, “It was made for you”.

Considering the toil and the beauty of the portal, students will be urged to use it to their satisfaction; it shouldn’t be deserted but rather utilized to its full function. We again admonish the successive government to consider it a bonafide property of the SRC and to update the portal annually, run the system as a real-time web app, and put up measures for modifiability for it to serve its purpose effectively and profitably.

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