Ladies who don’t get orgasms in bed are selfish, they don’t tell the guys their hot spots – Amma Serwaa –

Amma Serwaa, a model and actress, has admitted that women are responsible for their inability to experience orgasm during sex.

She pointed out that some women are stingy and prefer to keep their emotions to themselves, which mostly disadvantages men.

She stated, “I believe it is a lady’s obligation to reach climax but this does not apply to guys who last barely 2 minutes in bed, in an interview on Ghana’s ‘In Bed with Adwen’ show. I’m talking about men who are aware of how excellent they are in bed and who go to great lengths to appease their partners, yet their partners’ partners still don’t experience orgasm.

She emphasized that as a woman, “it is your duty to reach orgasm because no man is a magician to know the exact part of your body that can make you reach orgasm.

In order to achieve orgasm, you must speak up as a lady and inform the male of the proper spot to touch.

While we don’t even know ourselves, some women try to put the responsibility for everything on the males, she remarked.

The actress said that it is crucial for everyone, but particularly women, to be aware of their own bodies and the parts of them that can cause them to experience orgasm more quickly when touched.

“You can also tell your partner the exact part of your body that can make you reach orgasm. Everyone is different and the part of our body that aids us in reaching orgasm differs. So, if as a lady you haven’t explored your body to know the right place to make you reach orgasm don’t expect a man to do that for you,” she mentioned.

She continued by saying that once women begin to discover themselves and their bodies, they make it simple for men to gratify them and induce orgasm.

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