Legon students go ‘mad’ over e-learning on Vodafone Network

Following the dissolvent of campus learning from all level in the Education Sector, the Government Suggested E-Learning as the way forward till the Coronavirus pandemic s combated in the country.

Many tertiary institutions including Ashesi University, Ghana Institute of Journalism, among others started some few days after the directive.

Many Telcos as part of their role in combating the pandemic promised special packages to assist the smooth operation of the E-Learning Program. One of them is Vodafone which announced free access to various educational websites and e-learning platforms to ensure academic continuity is unhindered

Based on that, Students of the University of Ghana, Legon were directed to visit a near Vodafone office for some special SIM cards as the university starts their E-Learning program today (30/03/2020).

The program started today with massive patronage. As monitored by Atinkaonline from a class of 300 students, over 225 participated in the kick-off edition, but some of them complained bitterly after the 2-hr class.

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According to them, they went for the SIM cards, yet, can’t access internet service with it.

Meanwhile, the Communications Manager for Vodafone Ghana, Daniel Asiedu, explained that the delay in the registrations and activation of acquired for SIM’s is a result of the workload on the system.

He has, therefore, asked students of the University of Ghana to remain calm as the telecommunication service is putting in place the necessary measures, though, not all activation requests will be processed instantly, with his reason being that system processes information in batches hence not all activation requests will be processed instantly.

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