Legon UG Campus Vetting for DE SRC aspirants to be re-held amidst calls for Fairness and Justice

The vetting for aspirants of the Distance Education SRC elections has been scheduled to be held again following a court’s ruling for the reinstitution of a new vetting committee.

The election which was supposed to be held on July 19, 2020 could not take place due to a petition that was filed against the validity of the vetting committee.

Per the court’s ruling, the vetting committee is to be reconstituted with eight (8) members as the constitution guarantees instead of seven (7).

“The court heard the petition and brought their verdict yesterday. And per the verdict of the court, vetting must be restarted, because of a concern about the validity of the vetting committee. Per the general assembly constitution, the vetting committee is supposed to constitute 8 members, but they were 7 members,” Jedidiah Anarfi, vice presidential aspirant indicated.

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Speaking on behalf of other aspirants, he called on the Electoral Commission to ensure that fairness and justice prevail even as they undertake their mandate constitutionally.

“They should allow the provisions in the constitution to operate, that is all we ask for. Elections was cancelled because of a petition the court wanted to hear. The court has spoken that, we should be reverted, and we are all going this back and forth because we want to be law-abiding students,” he said.

According to him, “when it gets to a time that we feel that our rights have been trampled upon, we are not going to sit down, we will fight vehemently.”

Story by: Amengor-Kwapong Angela