Life After School: Over 1,000 SHS Girls educated by NBU

In the warm auditorium, are scores of girls dressed in their colourful boarding attire.

Beyond the four corners of the auditorium, one would conclude they have gathered for their usual Saturday evening entertainment — but a little closer illustrates contrarily.

The idea of girl child empowerment is ‘underestimated’ in our part of the world — with the advent of projects as the No Business as Usual, the concept has been simplified to the understanding of all.

The No Business, as Usual, played host to about 1550 young girls at the Kumasi Girls Senior High School in a program themed “Life Begins after SHS”

The event provided a platform to empower these young girls putting in focus, those completing Senior High School.

The event, in collaboration with Women’s Haven Hub, exposed the lasses to realities of life after senior high school.

It was also an avenue to discuss with the girls how to develop entrepreneurship ventures soon after school.

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The European union offshoot has since its inception focused on issues of women, children, youth, and vulnerable.

Addressing the students, the curator, Global Shapers, Kumasi hub, Mrs.Deborah Appiah – Kyeremeh Sarpong, advised the girls to make reading their friends, as readers are leaders.

“I encourage reading, not just any books, but books about great people. Because they’ve had practical experiences about life – a wise person learns from others,” she said.

“You need to nature the act of being proactive. Be Confident; don’t be afraid” added Mrs Kyeremeh, as her face beams smile.

With mentoring sessions as “Life Begins after SHS” the No Business as Usual Hub hopes young girls have a mindset of ‘keep on trying’ no matter how much they fail — with the hope, they will reach an echelon in life.

By Usman Ibrahim Khalilulahi