Lightfall – All of Neomuna’s weapons

Newmona is the latest destination in the Lightfall expansion, a vibrant futuristic city set along the waves. Like every destination in the game, it comes with its own set of weapons, gears, and of course, some exciting new characters. This list will touch on which Neomuna weapons you should get, because they are craftable (except for those three with overloads), you should craft them and whether they are worth it in the end game content.

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There are 8 weapons in total, 3 of which are obtainable from Terminal Overload and are not craftable. All of these weapons have the original Nanotech Tracer Rockets attribute, which states: “Landing down multiple hits turns your next shot into a mini homing missile,” which is basically the same alien attribute of Lightfall’s alien Quicksilver.


8 Synchronous Roulette: Strand SMG

Synchronous roulette is a thread-uncharacterized SMG obtained from machine overload. It belongs to the original model of the 600rpm micro frame. The SMG’s frame resolution isn’t great, to begin with. Combined with the fact that it has a magnification value of 14, and the absence of a range-enhancing feature like the Rangefinder, it can’t compete with other weapons in the Crucible like Enyo-D or Shayura’s Wrath.

This weapon has a completely useless perk set, especially in the left column, where it has no perk that would complement the perks of the right column. In PvE you can use the Hatchling perk for Strand, but it still falls short due to its terrible perk pool and unpopular framework.

7 Arc Volta: Strand sniper rifle

Volta Arc, Strand sniper rifle on the weapon inspection screen

The Volta Bracket is a modular sniper rifle that can be made and belongs to the archetype of the aggressive frame of a sniper rifle. In PvE, sniper rifles haven’t been dead for long, and although the weapon can get perks like Triple Tap and Firing Line, its use cases are very limited, especially when there are weapons like Thoughtless and Succession (which can also be crafted). It brings nothing new to the PvE table.

For PvP this weapon has a zoom value of 50 which some people won’t like automatically and some people will absolutely love. It can roll with a steady and open stroke or under pressure. But only the presence of “strongly implanted” in the left column holds it back.

6 Paso Ostinato: A void hunting rifle

Passo ostinato, the shotgun voids on the gun check screen

The Basso Ostinato is a non-craftable rapid-fire blank that can be obtained from the Terminal Overload activity. This gun again suffers from being part of the worst gun archetype, rapid-fire. Although it can get hard rolls for both PvE and PvP, its archetype makes it unviable in competitive play.

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In PvP, you can get a combination of Perpetual Motion and Opening Shot. For PvE, you can go with Grave Robber and Trench Barrel, or you can go remove ads with the new destabilization rounds feature.

5 Circular logic: The Strand Machine Gun

Circular logic, Strand machine gun on weapons inspection screen

Circular logic is an adaptive non-adaptive machine gun. You can get it from Terminal Overload activity. Machine guns are always a solid option for PvP, and it doesn’t matter what role you want to play. This machine gun is a string weapon that has access to the Hatchling perk, making it a top-tier weapon.

In combination with the Feeding Frenzy in the left column, you get access to an absolutely amazing weapon for thread builders. Given the 10 percent damage that machine guns take with Lightfall, they feel pretty solid right now.

4 Hypotrochoid Dimensions: Stasis heavy grenade launcher

Hypotrochoid Dimensions, Stasis Heavy Grenade Launcher on the Weapon Inspection Screen

The Dimensional Hypotrochoid is a craftable weapon that is the first of its original type, the Compact Waveframe, which, as the name suggests, are similar to special waveframe grenade launchers but with a significantly smaller wavewidth. This new framework may be exactly what bombers need to become ad-removal weapons. He can roll with Stats for All and Field Prep in the left column. Combine that with the Chain Reaction in the right-hand column, and you’ve got yourself a powerful ad-removal gun. This gun also has five rounds in the magazine which increases its potential.

The caveat about this weapon is its status as a powerful weapon. There are so many ad-removal weapons in Destiny 2 now in both the special ammo slot and the base ammo slot (eg Forbearance, Ikelos SMG, Mida Mini Tool) that it’s pointless to run the ad-removal weapon in the heavy slot instead of the DPS weapon.

3 Phyllotactic Spiral: Rifle pulse arc

Phyllotactic Spiral and Strand Pulse Rifle on the Weapon Inspection screen

Phyllotactic Spiral is another craftable weapon and high impact frame pulse rifle. That framework alone makes it a good weapon for the Crucible. High-impact tires are currently the prototype for the meta-weapon in Destiny 2 PvP, with weapons like No Time to Explain dominating the meta. The second column of Phyllotactic Spiral is full of great perks for both PvE and PvP, with limited options in the first column.

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For PvP, you have Perfect Float and Tunnel Vision in the left column, complemented by Kill Clip, Head Seeker, Harmony, and Elemental Capacitor in the second column. You also have Voltshot and Frenzy in your PvE second column. Unfortunately, there is no additional feature in the first column that complements it except perhaps a mandatory reloader.

2 Round Robin: Strand Hand Cannon

Round Robin, Strand Hand Cannon on the Weapons Check screen

Round Robbin is a powerful framed hand cannon that can be made. These 120rpm hand cannons are somewhere good in PvP but they’re an odd place in PvP, and reload speed is the main issue.

It has a great roll potential in the second column of PvP. These include Opening Shot, Kill Clip, Harmony, and Elemental Capacitor. These are complemented by Killing Wind or Perfect Float in the first column. Being a hand cannon, Round Robin can also access the Hatchling perk on the second column. Combine that with the Subsistence feature in the first column, and you have a solid threading weapon that synergizes well with any existing threading configurations.

1 Recurring Episode: Fusion Bow Rifle

Loop loop, arc fusion rifle in weapon check screen

Fusion rifles are one of the best weapons in the game, and the loop is no exception. It’s a fast arc fusion rifle and has access to some absolutely insane perks for both PvE and PvP. In PvP, fusions are always a top-notch option and a great counter for shotgun runners. The recurring loop is the only rapid arc fusion with fire and is the only rapid fusion that has an elemental capacitor. The iterative ring can roll with an extremely stable combination of under pressure and an elemental suppressor, allowing for stability never before seen in a fusion rifle.

For PvE, he also has access to the community favorite Voltshot. When used in conjunction with compulsive reload or bullets of gold, you have a monster of ad removal in your hand. The recurring ring arguably deserves a place as one of the best legendary weapons for both PvE and PvP.

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