Lil Durk Expresses Love For Ex-Fiancée India Royale: ‘She Fed Up But Ima Save Us’

Lil Durk Not on his ex-fiancée India Royal. The rapper took to social media over the weekend to express his love after India confirmed that she is single.

The love rant came to your turn after the influencer responded, “I’m so celibate, I was,” to a Twitter user. User, @pradaabtcs, initially wrote, “It has not been confirmed that they have broken up or are even still together.”

After the tweet started circulating, the rapper responded with some comments. he wrote, “Who cares about getting rich?” And “He stopped putting my name with hers years ago.” In screenshots taken by shadow room.

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And despite being asked to separate the name, the rapper changed his tune shortly thereafter in several Instagram Story posts about India. He seemed sure he would “you look crazy” Then he defended India’s mentality and pockets.

“She was not stupid or content with her money alone, even after I went bankrupt, she helped me,” Durke wrote.

After that, it appears he took responsibility for their failed relationship – placing a “small” part of the blame on Royal.

“It’s great for me, not her. I played a little part. They’re really good girls living life. I’m a good guy, a good husband because I talk too much, and I never listen to her pain when she came back with pregnant Willow in the belly aka Fat Ma.”

As previously reported, Durk proposed to India in December 2021 while he was headlining Big Jam’s WGCI concert. Then, the moment defined their relationship as ‘couple goals’ on social media.

But less than a year after the proposal, cheating rumors began to surface — including unconfirmed reports that the rapper had a seven-year-old child with a woman named Travonna. Durk and India have never publicly acknowledged Travonna’s allegations.

In September, India revealed to her Twitter followers that she is a “free agent” and appears to have unfollowed the rapper on the ‘gram. Soon after, Durk apparently addressed the breakup talks on his Instagram Story. he wrote, “Which [cat emoticon] Mines 4 never welcome to death row b***h”. It appears that India responded by posting an emotion on her Instagram Story.

Durk’s latest appeal for the love of India comes less than a month after his public tribute to Valentine’s Day. He claimed it was a “Wonderful woman [him] man” And he loves her. After the post made its rounds online, India apparently dismissed it via indirect tweets. At the time, I wrote in part, “People really don’t respect boundaries at all.”

The rapper hopes to reconcile with the India Royale, and vows to do better

As the weekend rant continues on Dork, he revealed his desire to get back together and asked people not to judge her.

“So I’m not perfect, but I’m for you, and I love you, and we’re all ears when we get back into a relationship. You saved my life with you and Willow and the big sky, you’ve been out there for all my kids,” the rapper wrote.

Your role added:

“This real filthy don’t attack her. She’s definitely the best in the world trust me I don’t fault her I’m just going to keep her out of the world. I love you having fun and not fighting. I said no fighting and started one but I miss you that’s it. We’re not jokes we really can put together a bag bag together without trying hard or copying the cat for what they did.”

He also wished India a happy belated birthday – which Royal celebrated with his friend’s trip to Peel.

Durk ended his Insta-Story rant by reassuring fans of their love “Real condition, not paid.”

“I just love her death too. I was sick but Emma saved us.

India Royale apparently defends your role during a subliminal exchange with YoungBoy

Meanwhile, on Monday (March 14), India dumped some subliminal characters at someone it described as a “dented head”. It’s not clear what triggered the series of tweets, but it came to Lil Durk’s defense within it.

“This is still my BD. Ion playing it up. Y’all can relax. Daddy,” Royal tweeted.

Shortly after posting her tweets, a Twitter account allegedly belonging to YoungBoy responded with a screenshot of his song denthead and words “I know one thing you’re not going to play with me.” India later tweeted, “play.”


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