Linda Caicedo | Father Mauricio Caicedo And Mother Herlinda Alegría

Youthful and skilled, Linda Caicedo plays proficient football for Colombia. She is a forward for Genuine Madrid of the Primera Divison and the Colombian ladies’ public group.

With America de Cali, she made her expert presentation at age 14.

Due to her extraordinary play, she was named the best player at the 2022 Copa America Feminina.

The Colombian Expert Football Association champions in 2021 were Linda’s group, Deportivo Cali.

She is likewise expected to impact the world forever as the principal female hero to contend in the U-17, U-20, and presently FIFA World Cups all in a similar schedule year.

Ingrid Caicedo Guardians: Herlinda Alegra and Mauricio Caicedo
Colombians are Herlinda Alegria and Mauricio Caicedo, who are Linda Caicedo’s folks.

Since the beginning, they supported her football excitement.

Her folks raised her in the little provincial local area of Candelaria, Colombia, which is just 17 miles from Cali, the third-biggest city in the country.

Since she was a small kid, Caicedo has been excited about soccer, and both her folks have consistently encouraged her to accomplish her fantasies.

Herlinda, Linda’s mom, said in a webcast interview for My New Most loved Futbolista that Linda started playing soccer even before she was born.

She proceeded to say that when the player began strolling, she would head outside and play in the road.

At the point when she was five years of age, Mauricio and Herlinda carried her to Candelaria’s little youth soccer group, Club Genuine Juanchito. She met the VP of the club Diego Vasquez, who saw her ability immediately.

At the point when Linda was five years of age, as indicated by Diego, she came to his club holding her mom’s hand.

Afterward, Linda’s abilities created to the powerful expected by the club.

She is truly fortunate to have been brought up in a family who upheld and pushed her to succeed expertly early on.

Is Kelly Caicedo’s sister Linda Caicedo’s kin?
Kelly Caicedo, a relative of Linda Caicedo, shares her energy for the action.

The Caicedo family members live exceptionally close to each other. Kelly fostered an interest in the ball at 10 years old, however Linda didn’t until she was five.

Kelly’s expert profession started with a group in the American small time, where she made her presentation in 2018.

Their familial ties and setting themselves in a similar climate developed their livelihoods regardless of not going to a similar school.

Linda has likewise referenced Kelly as perhaps of her nearest buddy on a few events.

They have forever been there for each other, showing love and reliability in their expert decisions as a whole.

The Caicedo family saw them as a portrayal of their solidarity since they look like sisters in many regards. Family connections have without a doubt upgraded trust, which works with correspondence and figuring out on the field.

Despite the fact that their field jobs are unique, the cousins know about one another all through preparing and games.

Knowing where to search for the ball to be gotten is something else that makes football more straightforward.

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