”Many Of My Kind Are On The Streets Of Ghana And Africa As A Whole” – Abraham Attah

When I last toured every region of my country, all I saw was great potentials unused: youths with the hands, the feet, the brains, the talents and the will. And yet what becomes of them? Now, it’s not entirely true that these people don’t want to put their God-given potentials into use. Rather there are much greater challenges confronting them through a constantly failing system.

The average African child needs to work at least 10 times harder as compared to the average European or American child in order to have a shot at success (that’s if he/she is lucky enough). Yet the soil is blessed beyond measure: no winter or snow to disrupt food planting. Natural resources? You name it; and you will find.

So Why are we not the ones supplying the world with food, determining the prices in world trade and living in abundance so that the Mediterranean sea wouldn’t swallow our brothers and sisters on their way to Libya, Europe and America? Why is Hollywood, Camp Nou, World Bank, etc not found in Africa for the many talents like Abraham Atta to be trained?

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Had it not been Idris Elba coming to Ghana, nobody in Africa could have transformed Abraham Atta into something of a blessing for the world. Inasmuch as there’s the need to believe in a supreme being (God), Africans must awaken and embrace the fact that the destiny of Africans is up to Africans. And that we either minimise corruption or be ruined by it.

For we won’t all be lucky like Abraham Atta to always get saved at the right time by an Idris Elba. How can a continent so rich as ours be in constant want and need, believing a “God” will solve our problems when same “God” has given us all we need to solve the problems? As we speak, where money-making is easier is where the average African youth is heading: money rituals or becoming “men of God” (pastors).

Survivors of the fitters! We kill one another, remove p€nis, v@gina and heart and place in the hands of “JUJU” men to perform miracles that turn us into rich men and women. Well, the issues facing the 21st century needs 21st-century minds to handle them. Perhaps the only key to setting Africa and its youths free lies in common sense and science and technology.