McHammah Engineering supports Mamfe Methodist Girls’ SHS with wet milling machine

McHammah Engineering, a Ghanaian–owned electromechanical engineering company, has donated a wet milling machine to the Mamfe Methodist Girls Senior High School (MEGHIS) in the Akuapem North Municipality in the Eastern Region.

This machine will go a long to help the students in their quest to produce paper bags from the stems of plantain and banana as an alternative to plastics.

The gift acknowledged the dedication of the school and the willingness to learn beyond the regular program.

It is worth recalling that the 2019 World Robofest competition held in Michigan, USA (United States, Brazil, Egypt, Columbia, Mexico, China, South Korea, Great Britain, India, Nigeria, and South Africa was conquered by a team of students from MEGHIS.

MEGHIS ‘ young science brain crack team was tasked with building a robot to arrange a box according to a given binary number, which was unveiled as all robots were assembled. This binary number is given.

MEGHIS students, among others, convert plantain and banana stalks into paper sacks to dry the stalk, cut in pieces and boil and then mould boiled stalks.

In an interview with Ghana News Agency (GNA), Mr Ebenezer Hammah, Chief Executive Officer of McHammah Engineering Company Limited told that the machine was specifically designed to mill the stalks after boiling.

His attention was drawn to the commitment and encouragement of these young talents, saying that “when I feel I can help I encouraged them and we have been able to develop what suits their intent through a series of conversations.”

Mr Hammah was hopeful that much of his efforts to support these talents were good engineers and architects by providing technical support to improve their inventions.

McHammah Engineering Company Limited

He urged students to follow their dreams, to see and understand what they have within them and to seek them, adding “that they should let some part of the masculinity of their femininity come out in order for them to represent their dreams.”

Mrs Sylvia Isabella Laryea, MEGHIS Headmistress upon receiving a donation on behalf of the School, expressed her thanks to McHammah Engineering, emphasizing that this is going a long way to improve innovations.

She noted that she had not expected anybody to help those students; that they were grateful for their having such a new machine to pound the raw materials as such.

Mrs Laryea, however, encouraged girls to focus on their education and to take every opportunity to achieve higher levels.


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