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Nigerian humor artist and live personality, Ani Chinedu Emmanuel, also called Nedu Wazobi, has taken to his IG stage to reveal why he doesn’t convey your concerns to his buddies.

According to the humorist, it is not very insightful to convey your fears to your buddies because they will “catch” them and educate others.

Speaking further, the performer said that the main person you can talk to about your concerns and who won’t “take the screen” your message is God.

He focused on that instead of letting his companions know who can “defend” your fears, it is better to talk to God about it.

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He said, “Assuming you have a problem, tell it to God, and not to your companions on the grounds that God alone does not hide your messages.

KFN reviews that Nedu Wazobia portrayed his side of the story.


His ex-wife blamed him for abusive behavior at home and being a homeless father.

In a post on her Instagram story, Uzwamaka Ohiri blamed her ex-husband for not providing food to his children.

She also blamed him for hitting her after she underwent a medical procedure while his mother was watching.

Ozor further asked why Wazobiafm, Lagos, would, in fact, allow her significant other to hold talks and marriage proposals in any case, when one of the many men who beat up their husbands was in a coma.

To prove his innocence in the muck, Nedu took to Instagram to post his proof, call out another significant other in aggressive behavior in the house case, and on top of that, find out how he found out that their unforgettable child isn’t his blood.

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