Meet The Amazing Twins from Mfantsipim School and Representing Ghana🇬🇭🇬🇭 in Brazil🇧🇷🇧🇷

One of the twins in this picture was in my class (Science 2) in Mfantsipim school. The honest opinion I can say about them for sure is, that these twins were probably the smartest kids in our time. As science students they blew our minds with both their amazing IQ and scores in exams. None of us could expect anything less from them than for them to become future doctors or physicists or better still engineers.

But Payin and Kakra, names of the boys in the picture shocked us when we saw their music video last week: They have become musicians. After secondary school they moved to Brazil to further their education; and right there they’re now on their way to stardom in a field we least expected of them. Kakra and Payin becoming musicians? Not in my wildest dreams!

Interestingly, their story reminds me of two German friends of mine. One was born in a family of doctors. Both of his parents are doctors and have their own clinic. They guided this boy to benefit from practical knowledge in the health sector from his adolescent days till he became a youth. But after secondary school, Adrian told his parents he prefers to travel to France to study about wine. Their only son neglecting the foundation laid for him to rather study wine? Well, instead of disappointed his parents were happy for him for finding his own passion and hence threw him a goodbye party.

Mfantsipim School Entrance
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The other German is a lady with a PhD from a famous university in London. Her father has toiled to build an IT company employing 1000 of workers. Lena after her studies, however, found her passion in something else: grocery work. A PhD holder working in a grocery instead of taking over the father’s business? Even the Asian and Indian IT people working for her father were as shocked as I was when she chose her passion over the wealth her parents are establishing for her.

Mfanstsipim School

Like Kakra and Payin, some of us are supposed to become carpenters but we are busy threading on the path of pastors. We are supposed to become teachers instead of doctors. We are suppposed to be entertainers instead of lawyers. But we have ignored our true calling to chase what the world terms “prestigious professions”. In a tolerant and stable economy people choose passion over prestige.

Ladies and Gentlemen, if there’s any advice I would give to my future son or daughter; I’d teach him/her to follow his/her passion. To become what God created him/her to be; not what the society deem more important for one to become.