Meet The Ghanaian Minister and MP who slapped his Wife

Former Member of Parliament for Navrongo Central Constituency in the Upper East Region, Mark Wayongo has opened up on his greatest regret and experience in life.

Mr. Woyongo in a personality profile interview on A1 Radio reflected how he violently slapped his wife out of anger in the presence of his friends.

The crime of his wife according to him, was that she disrespected him before his friends which he saw her actions as an embarrassment and abomination he needed to correct immediately. So he handed a slap to her to satisfy his anger in response to the ‘provoked’ behavior from his wife.

Mr. Woyongo said “I’ve control over my temperament anytime I realize I’m coming temperamental , I take a deep breadth and I control myself unfortunately , I did it to my wife and I regretted it later on because she insulted me before my friends and I thought that was an abomination”.

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He has however indicated that, this singular action has been recorded in his lifetime as the most regrettable experience in his life.

“I regretted it later on but after that I’ve never slapped anyone”He said.

He has however cautioned couples to desist being reactionary to the least provocation since the results to such actions can be chaotic.

“The advise I will give to you is that, when your wife provokes you, don’t react immediately try and control your temper . If it becomes unbearable , just step out of the house cool down and then come back don’t react immediately.Because if you have the violent type of partner and she also reacts,you can imagine the I think that you should always have your thinking hat on so that when it becomes hot,you leave the house and come back when you cool down“He counseled.|101.1MHZ|Ghana