Meet the Methodist Girls High School students who made paper from banana stems


About 24 young senior high school students from Ghana are putting their nation on the worldwide map with their development that changes plantain and banana stems into paper sacks. The young ladies, from the Methodist Girls High School in Ghana’s Eastern Region, thought of the thought as an option in contrast to plastics.

They were propelled by a worldwide drive for ecologically inviting ways of life and items. Ghana is accounted for to have imported $22.3 million worth of uncoated art paper alone in 2017, demonstrating that there is a sound market for the paper-production industry in the nation.

In an exclusive chat with Citinewsroom, two individuals from the group, Maame Yaa Ohene-Eku and Naa Shormeh Nortey, stated how the thought came up in their school’s business enterprise club after they distinguished the natural harm that plastics cause. The young ladies further clarified that there was a need to discover answers for plastic waste through paper bundling. With that, they needed to locate the best option in contrast to making paper past utilizing trees. “We found that Plantain stem had the fiber that can be utilized to make paper,” Naa Shormeh hinted.

Meghis students making paper out from the stems of banana

They made this revelation after they had directed some examination into how well banana and plantain stems could be utilized to make paper. As indicated by Citibusiness, the procedure includes taking the stems of the plant, drying them, cutting them up into pieces after which they are bubbled and afterward the bubbled stalks are processed for the mash.

Next, what is left is dried once more, transforming it into paper. “The paper, which is darker in shading, for the most part known as uncoated art paper, can be utilized for bundling and boxes”, reports Citinewsroom. The young ladies state that the stem creates around 50 packs and as of now, their gathering, known as Akoma Inc., is hoping to build its generation, if it gets money related help to meet that desire.

Meanwhile, the young ladies just rely upon the little help they get from their folks and from their school even as willing purchasers are as of now watching out to their items.They additionally demonstrate that they have begun a plastic return program to urge individuals to acquire plastics they never again need. The move, as per the understudies, is an imaginative method for picking up an incentive for their work.