Michael Strahan Wife: Whom Is He Married? Married Life And Relationship

Michael Strahan, previous NFL player and current television genius, has a convincing affection life that has provoked the interest of many individuals. Michael Strahan has been hitched two times starting around 2023.

Before all else, he wedded Wanda Hutchins in 1992. Prior to separating from in 1996, the couple had two kids, Tanita and Michael Jr. Michael wedded Jean Muggli for the second time in 1999.


The couple delivered twin young ladies, Isabella and Sophia, however finished in a contentious separation in 2006, with Muggli getting a sizable $15 million settlement. Michael is presently connected with to Kayla Speedy, a previous NFL team promoter. The couple started dating in 2015 and have kept their relationship pretty serene from that point forward.

Wanda Hutchins Was Michael Strahan’s First Wife

Michael and Wanda Hutchins met without precedent for secondary school in Germany. Their relationship was moment, and they wedded in 1992. Tanita was born in this relationship in 1992, trailed by Michael Jr. in 1995. The couple’s adoration story, notwithstanding, was fleeting, and they split up in 1996. While the conditions of their separation stay obscure, there have been bits of hearsay about Michael’s infidelity.

Jean Muggli, Michael Strahan’s second wife

Michael wedded for the second time in 1999, this opportunity to Jean Muggli. In 2004, this couple brought forth twin young ladies, Isabella and Sophia. Their separation in 2006 attracted public consideration attributable to Muggli’s allegations of savagery, which brought about her getting a $15 million settlement.

The Twin Daughters of Michael Strahan

Michael has an apparent fondness with his twin youngsters, Isabella and Sophia. These 19-year-olds have been the focal point of their dad’s universe since they were born in 2004. Michael frequently alludes to them as the best part of him, and in spite of their development, their kinship stays solid.

Michael Strahan Relationship Status

Michael hasn’t abandoned love regardless of his two fruitless relationships. He’s been dating ex-NFL team promoter Kayla Speedy beginning around 2015. They’ve selected to keep their relationship principally covered up, exhibiting an experienced obligation to individual security.

Jean Muggli, Michael Strahan’s ex-wife

Jean Muggli escaped from according to the general population after her troublesome separation. She hasn’t remarried and has rather focused on her business as a realtor in New York City.

Michael Strahan’s girlfriend: Kayla Quick

Kayla Fast, Michael’s better half, has a double way of life as a previous NFL team promoter. The couple’s relationship began in 2015, and they’ve effectively stayed away from public examination of their romantic tale.


Michael Strahan’s heartfelt life is a blend of issues and commitment. He’s been hitched two times and is as of now in a serious relationship with Kayla Speedy. While his union with Wanda Hutchins and Jean Muggli finished in separate, his adoration for his kids stays rugged. Those inspired by Michael’s own endeavors will observe that his ongoing affection story with Kayla is an invigorating change from his earlier hitched encounters.

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