Multimedia Group launches ‘Joy Learning’ channel to bridge the inequality gap in Ghana’s secondary education

The Multimedia Group, a trailblazer in Ghana’s private media space has, once again, led the way by becoming the first media organization to open a dedicated television channel for educating Ghanaian children.

The channel, Joy Learning which has already started giving lessons in subject-specific areas for Senior High School children, comes a time when there are a lot of discussions ongoing about secondary education in Ghana.

With the government of Ghana’s roll-out of a Free Senior High School education policy, an estimated number of about 1.2 million and over children have found their ways to senior secondary schools across the country.

The figure translates into an impressive 4.1% of Ghana’s total population but while access is increasing, there are concerns for infrastructure and quality of tuition for these children.

This number is likely to increase per Ghana’s population growth projections.

There is, however, an ever-widening gap between the qualities of tuition received in schools in the urban centres as compared to what happens in schools in the remote parts of the country.

What Joy Learning does, therefore is that the concentration of all the good teachers in the cities and will be a thing of the past for students who will take advantage of the Joy Learning initiative.

Joy Learning will give students in the remote parts of Ghana access to tuition from some of the top teachers who teach in Ghana’s ‘Ivy League Schools’.

These are just about a few of the reasons why Joy Learning as a channel dedicated to teaching these children irrespective of where they may become handy.

Why Joy Learning?

Over the years, the Multimedia Group has been supporting needy-but-brilliant children in schools through its Educare Fund.

While these efforts have helped push a number of children through school, the MGL, upon review, have found the scope and reach of its Educare Fund a little limiting.

It is in line with this that the channel was introduced to reach out to many more Ghanaian children irrespective of where they may find themselves.

The channel also goes to reiterate the MGL’s commitment to helping the future generation of Ghana while assisting the government tackle the gaps that currently exist in the double-tracking system that is been run on a temporary basis.

The channel Joy Learning

Joy Learning was launched on December 30, 2019, with the sole aim of using it for teaching and learning.

The channel’s current focus is on teaching and learning the SHS curriculum.

The channel is free and accessible to everyone in the country and beyond, meaning that students will be given equal opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time.

The Joy Learning channel has been divided into belts for SHS 1, 2, and 3 classes. Currently, the Channel has launched with a focus on airing all core and come elective subjects.

Below is the structure and time of broadcast;

Monday – Friday

Form 1 belt (6:30am,1pm, 4:30pm)
Form 2 belt (8:30am,2pm,6pm
Form 3 belt (10am, 3pm,7pm)
There will be a recap of all the lessons from 7 am to 7:30 pm on weekends.

Viewers will be informed about the broadcasting time of each subject and topics on the various Multimedia television channels and on our online platforms.

There will be documentaries on nature, scientific experiments and extra-curricular activities between each belt.

Target Audience

The main target of the channel is students in SHS or those preparing for their remedial exams. This is because most of the contents on the channel focus on the SHS curriculum.

However, the channel will also help some key stakeholders in the education sector to come up with certain decisions and ideas.

Institutions such as the Ministry of Education, Ghana Education Services, and the Free SHS Secretariat can also take advantage of this great initiative. Similarly, the Association of Private Senior High Secondary Schools, parents, and the general public can also benefit from the channel.


Though this laudable initiative was created by MGL, it is supported by a host of organizations who shares in the same objectives with the media group. It is appropriate to acknowledge the support of Wolo Limited, an E-learning organization and operators of the site

Also, WAPS/SES, operators of the SES’ Astra 2Fsatellite platform and KNET have made it possible for this idea to materialize.

How to watch Joy Learning Channel

The Joy Learning Channel is exclusively available on Astra 2F (multi tv Digibox) and other digital/online platforms


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