Must Read: Opera News Hub Article Rejection and the Common Mistakes Associated With Them

As we find that most writers don’t read our announcements carefully, which leads to the rejections of their articles, we would like to share some of the common mistakes by our authors:

1. Stop writing “SEE” in your headlines if you are not showing videos, memes, or a lot of photos. It will be rejected as “Inconsistent”.

2. Stop using photos of President Nana Akufo Addo in your Opinion/Fiction articles especially when he has nothing to do with the topic/issue. It will be rejected as “Inconsistent”.

3. Stop using images of dead people, snakes, extremely graphic accident scenes, strange happening with scary pictures e.g, photos of humans with tails, photos with a lot of bodily injuries and blood in your articles. It will be rejected as “Disgusting”.

4. Stop lifting posts on social media made by random, regular “Twitter User”, “Facebook User”, “Whatsapp Chats”. They are mostly wild, clout chasing posts that often make no sense and the chances that such an article will be rejected as “Fake News” are very high.

5. Please understand the meaning of FICTION. It is a deliberately fabricated account of an imaginary world. It can also be a literary work based on imagination rather than on fact, like a novel or short story. Many hub writers don’t understand this so they write a real-life story, recent news event, use photos of real people, screenshots of real events in their articles and write Fiction in the headline. This is wrong.

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6. STOP plagiarizing (COPY AND PASTING) articles from fellow hub writers or other online platforms. It will be rejected as NOT ORIGINAL. While it’s totally fine to do research online to get points, your stories should not be 70% lifted/stolen or plagiarized.

7. Opera News Hub will NOT publish articles that seemingly attack any religious or ethnic group.  

8. Many articles were rejected due to spelling and grammatical errors in the title as a result, authors are advised to carefully check the title and body for grammatical errors before submitting articles.

9. Articles that promote products, unknown persons, use brand/specific company logo and images, articles with phone numbers at the end and articles with links to promote personal websites are considered Advertisement and will be REJECTED.

10.FAKE Contents: Fake content is any article that has no basis in fact but is presented as being factually accurate. It is also the deliberate presentation of false or misleading claims as news, where the claims are misleading by design.