Must Read: Seven (7) UG-Legon Compulsory Courses you should know in 2020/2021

It is indeed a great time to be part of the community of intellectuals as you pathway with High School.

To set the ball rolling, University of Ghana has announced to the general public in its strategic plan her  quest to become a world- class research and high quality teaching and learning institution in the next decade, hence the need to intensify its academic belt

Dear fresher, at the University of Ghana, you will not only be allowed to read the courses you have been offered , yes we have what we call UGRCs, a term you will be familiar with as times passes almost imperceptibly.

University of Ghana Required Courses (UGRCs) can be termed as a unique general education programme which is intended to provide a rewarding experience for all students who undertake undergraduate studies in the University.

To sweeten the juice, It is an interdisciplinary courses which foster broad students familiarity with key advances in the humanities, Sciences and Technology.

Don’t be worried the University is burdening you with extra courses ; however they are aimed at equipping you to meet the developmental needs of Ghana and Africa and to enable you to be confident, be a rounded scholar capable of holding your own in the world of work.

Charlie I won’t bore you, these are the courses deemed compulsory in the University of Ghana;

Course                                        Code

Academic Writing                                     UGRC110

 Numeracy Skills                                            UGRC120

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1 of 25,649

Understanding of Human Societies                 UGRCC 130

Culture and development          UGRC 220

Critical Thinking and Practical reasoning          UGRC150

Human Behavior and the Social Environment

The Economy and Business in Ghana

Language in society

Please, let me humbly remind you that, your graduating in the University of Ghana hinges on your passing all UGRC examinations you will be taking, I am sure you understand that clearly?. Re-sit them if you fail along the way.

In addition to this, Students in the College of Basic and Applied Sciences will take UGRC140, UGRC 11O as well UGRC 220 also, Numeracy Skills have been reserved for students in the Humanities except those offering Economics, Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics.

However UGRC110 and UGRC 220 will be taken by all students.